What Will She Talk About?

Posted June 2nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

I ~ suppose ~ this is a little catty, but just what will “Miss Vickitalk about to the graduating seniors of Harwich High?

Will she talk about the glorious life of “public service” alluding to Fat Teddy’s forty years of Robin Hood Politics [where he taxed everybody but the Kennedy Clan]? 

Will she talk about leading the moral life, and not leaving the scene of accidents you cause?  Will she talk about the values of sobriety and fidelity?  Will she talk about avoiding public womanizing [or manizing].  Or will she give the kids clues on how to marry for money? I mean, you can overlook a few minor things when you really really love a person.

Catty?  OK, you worshipers of all things Kennedy, you tell me what is Miss Vicki famous or noteworthy for – except keeping Fat Teddy out of the bars [mostly] in his later years?  Oh, I remember, she endorsed the ethically flawed liar Martha Coakley to replace him.  Yeah, right!  That was after she’d endorsed the other guy, – what was his nameAlan Khazei I think?

Maybe she’ll give them tax advice – recalling how Ted wanted his replacement named before he died so he could shift his assets and residence to Florida, to avoid Mass income and estate taxes.  Or maybe she’ll discuss knowing how and when to chose a good defense attorney.  Well, it should be one hell of a graduation speech!  I mean, how many high school graduations merit sound trucks? 

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!
  This one’s for you Mary Jo!

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