What Will Obama Call It THIS Time?

Posted July 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

ISIS terrorists storm a popular restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh, – sort out the non-Muslims, – and butcher them.
Hate Crime Mister Obama
Will Obama call this a “hate crime” – and still refuse to talk about “Radical Islamists”?  Pretty tough to blame this on the GOP and the NRA – in Bangladesh!  Gruesome photos below the fold:

The attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery was both simple terrorism, and strategic terrorism.

Foreigners and non-Muslims were targeted,  – their inability to quote passages of the Koran was their death sentence.

Holey Artisan Bakery bodies

It was strategic because a huge part of the Bangladesh economy is foreign textile and clothing manufacture – that cheap labor which fills the shelves of Walmart and Kmart with affordable low-quality clothing.

If they can drive the non-Muslim foreigners out – there will be less Christian and less Western influences to compete with their 7th Century cult of female oppression.

Holey Artisan Bakery bloody scene

Can’t wait to see and hear how our Muslim pResident addresses this one – where at least 3 American students were killed,  – just days after a 13-year old American girl was beheaded as she slept in her home on the West Bank.

Will he tell us again to withhold judgment?  Will he call this a ‘Hate Crime’ – and not real Islam?

Grinning ISIS butchers

ASK YOURSELVES FOLKS:   Why haven’t you been allowed to see the photos of the Fort Hood Massacre,  or the San Bernardino Massacre,  or the Chattanooga Recruiting Station Massacre,  or the Orlando Pulse Massacre…?

Is the Obama Cartel trying to de-escalate American’s anger toward this sworn Muslim enemy?  Does he really believe we should love the people trying to exterminate us?

Why are Democrats trying to disarm Americans at the SAME TIME Obama is bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted Muslims…?

One (1) armed customer could have made a huge difference!

How does it make any sense when up against a fanatical enemy with a death-wish,  – for us to be filling the ranks of our military services with women,  gays,  and transgendered troops?

Why is Obama distracting and weakening us in the face of a growing and looming threat?

4 Responses to “What Will Obama Call It THIS Time?”

  1. Ryan

    For your information, the 3 American student that died were also Muslims.so get your facts straight before spreading propaganda.terror does NOT have a religion.



    Three students didn’t ‘die’, – they were slaughtered.

    The goons who did it were young Muslims – ISIS wannabes, – willing to slaughter innocents to create terror and thus bring to fruition a global Sunni Caliphate….

    What OTHER so-called ‘religion’ has used terror for 1400 years, across every continent except Antarctica…? The Chinese Communists did – for at least 6 decades,…and the Mexican drug cartels have been doing it for 20+ years,…but where is it the centuries-old culture?

    Islam is the perfect ‘religion’ for men who wipe their asses with their left hands, don’t brush their teeth, – and who can’t get a girl to kiss them willingly.

  2. Sherox

    A reminder, that more Muslims have been killed by other Muslims (typically who think the one they are killing are not devout enough) than by non-Muslims.

  3. Hunter556

    Sherox….Just like most blacks are killed by blacks…..but it serves a purpose to report on the gun rather than the man.

  4. Kojack

    RYAN – the atrocities of 9/11, Fort Hood, Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino, Orlando, etc. weren’t perpetrated by Bhuddist Monks, Irish Nuns, Sikhs or the adherents of any other faith. They were committed by bearded SCUMBAG COWARDS yelling Allah Hu Akbar. You insult my intelligence you ASS-WIPE muslim apologist – get YOUR facts straight. Pull your head out of your rear-end and trust your eyes and ears…not the talking points of some LIB-TURD professor or Obysmal, the 1st muslim pResident.