What We’re Asking Mister Obama…

Posted November 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

…and these questions will NEVER go away…
What the #uck were you doing during those 7 long hours the attack was going on?

When exactly did you learn of the attack, and who told you?

Why was no rescue attempt launched?

Who’s drones were overhead watching?

When did the State Department Watch Officer learn?  When did Hillary learn?

When did the Pentagon Watch Officer learn?  When did Panetta learn?

When did the CIA learn?  When did Petraeus learn?

When did Paula Broadwell learn?  How?  Why does she seem to believe we had secret prisons in Benghazi?  If ture, that seems to be a very insecure place for them.

Why did you deflect attention from the truth – that it was a coordinated al Qaeda attack – terrorism?

When did you learn that David Petraeus was ‘involved‘ with Paula Broadwell?  Who told you?

Did you blackmail General Petraeus into stating that the attach was a mob action incited by a video about Mohammed?  Do you understand that enticing or pressuring someone to give false testimony is a crime?

Who told the State Department minions to lie to the American People?

WHAT were you trying to hide?

You sent our UN Ambassador Susan Rice onto the Sunday talk shows either armed with a ‘cover story’ – or to deliberately lie to the American Public.  Why?  Do you consider her expendable?  Is this how you build loyalty in your administration? 

What were you doing being ‘eye candy’ on the View, when we were again being attacked?

Why did you fire General Carter Ham?

You won re-election last week with 61 million votes from stupid people.  Do you think the rest of us – all 250 million of us are stupid?

One Response to “What We’re Asking Mister Obama…”

  1. Tom

    The above questions are all pointed and should be answered, but no one will ask them and they will, in fact, be rhetorical. They have already spun the responses and they will appear in the talking points on a main stream media presentstion near you.
    This arrogant SOB will skate through this deadly travesty.
    Four more years! Holy crap!