What Was Dianna Ploss Afraid Of?

Posted June 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

UPDATED:  Sunday 3:55 pm   With NEW FACTS!

UPDATE:   Sat 9 June 2018    Gloucester RTC dumps Ploss

It was a graciously hosted Candidate’s Night in Georgetown,  – a nice room,  food and beverage available,  – and local Republicans eager to hear the two candidates for State Committeewoman. Everything began agreeably,…but then it got weird.

The lady who insisted that she go first – to deliver an “opening statement”  – read a prepared statement,  seemed very angry at somebody,  – then stalked out of the room without waiting for the other lady to even speak. WTF? 

This kind of behavior is straight out of the Ron Kaufmann,  Momma Kangas,  Kerry Healey,  Jennifer Nasseur,  Charlie Baker,  Kirsten Hughes playbook.

This kind of ‘all about me’ public behavior – and screw you grass-roots peasants;  – I’m too important and too much of an insider to put up with your rude questions”  attitude is exactly why Republican enrollment is barely 11% in this state.

Ms. Ploss – you owed that room full of Republican activists the courtesy of staying,  – of listening politely to Ms. Kesterson,…and staying to answer voter questions.

What spooked you?

Which Republican question were you afraid to answer?

Don’t you dare call yourself “Coach” – if you won’t even follow the simple rules of good manners.

At RRB,  – we cannot know what is in your heart,  – or what your issue was last night,  – but your ACTIONS were beyond RUDE.   They reeked of hostility.

No,  we don’t know what’s in you heart – but every other Fake Republican and RiNO we’ve ever met behaves exactly like you did last night.   Most of us are grizzled campaign veterans – with the scars to prove it.

We’re way beyond voting for a pretty face.

Bluntly stated Dianna,  we’re sick and tired of the do-nothing party animal State Committee critters – who look at the quarterly meetings as a social event.

We need a new breed of activists on that committee,  not a celebrity chaser!

UPDATE:    Sunday Afternoon 25 June   NEW FACTS COME TO LIGHT

It seems we may have discovered WHY Ms. Ploss didn’t want to stay and answer questions – some of the facts are not flattering:

Ploss was a long time (12 years) Cambridge Democrat living at 61 Market Street.  She moved to Gloucester in 2015 – SELLING 61 Market Street for $950K on 1 May 2015.

State voting records show she failed to vote in 2014.

BUT,  she returned to Cambridge and voted illegally in the Presidential Primary 1 March 2016.

By state law she had JUST 6 MONTHS from selling the Cambridge house to still vote in Cambridge,  – i.e. just until 1 December 2015.    Oops!

Then she went on to become a 7th Congressional District Primary Delegate (pledged to Kasich) for the Republican Convention while still living in Gloucester.

Dianna’s supporters will be hurt by this news,  and RRB sympathizes.  We’ve been hurt by fakes and phonies too many times ourselves.  It hurts!  

We didn’t post this blog to hurt anybody,  – just to report rather strange behavior by a Republican Candidate at a Republican event,  – and ask WHY?

So,…WHICH POLITICAL PARTY is famous for flouting voting laws?

UPDATE:  Tuesday, 27 June 2017  Voters met Monday night at the Ipswich Town Hall – some 100+ activists showed up. 22 Provisional Ballots were taken – but they weren’t needed.

The vote was a resounding Kesterson 48 vs Ploss 11….

UPDATE:  Saturday 9 June 2018   It seems that in the year since the first posting,  Ms. Ploss has been busy making a reputation for herself.   At RRB we became aware something was in the wind due to increased interest in the post.

The Gloucester RTC was set to expel her when she resigned:

The Gloucester committee’s stated purpose is: ”

“The GRCC will display a positive and supportive attitude for our candidates and for our party.

Our goal is to get more Republican candidates elected to office.”

Dianna has not shown a supportive or positive attitude towards members of the Gloucester committee and other candidates, and has not supported Republicans running for office.  She was working AGAINST the committee’s stated goals.

Based on these factors, the Leadership Team of the Gloucester Republican City Committee unanimously put forth a motion to the membership to remove Dianna Ploss as a member.  The meeting to discuss this motion was scheduled for Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 7 p.m.  At approximately 5:30 p.m. on the same day, Dianna Ploss posted a public Facebook video resigning from the Gloucester Committee.  She did not attend the meeting.

The members of the GRCC voted unanimously at the meeting to accept her resignation,  and Dianna was informed this morning by me that she has been removed as a member and is no longer welcome at Gloucester meetings and events due to her ongoing defamatory behavior.

At RRB we’re sure there will be more chapters in this saga….

UPDATE:   Wed, 11 July 2018   Facebook posting…

UPDATE:   Monday, 23 July 2018   Disturbing announcement…


36 Responses to “What Was Dianna Ploss Afraid Of?”

  1. Integrity1st

    Ugh, not sure you are aware of all the ways in which she has been attacked, much emanating precisely from the “connected” GOP critters that we abhor. That said, it was a big mistake to leave as she did, even though she saw them lined up to eat her alive. Better to take a stand, then crawl out and give the people who were there to take her out the undisputed victory but I do believe she was running from the coordinated effort to eat her, not the questions that might have been asked by fair minded people.

  2. Frank Licata

    I worked closely with the Trump campaign since it started, and was very active performing ground game activities throughout New England. I know all the staff, volunteers, & grassroots campaigners in MA+NH very well. Dianna Ploss is a former liberal Democrat from Cambridge that recently moved to Gloucester, She infiltrated the campaign, went rogue, and quite frankly did more harm than good. That’s exactly what she’s trying to do to the MA GOP right now.

  3. Frank Licata

    PS: if you dare question Dianna she will simply accuse you of being an “establishment insider”. This is a typical defensive maneuver of the far-left progressive-liberal fascists: to isolate+marginalize+ridicule. I called her out on the carpet for her over-exaggerations and issues and in reply she accuses me of somehow being a GOP operative, even though I’ve only been a Republican for year and a half now, and I myself am a grassroots activists that calls out the establishment for their crap.

  4. Patty Femino

    Sorry folks can’t blame the girl.. she is the outsider and they are going to keep it that way as long as they possibly can. I was on board the Trump campaign from day ONE in Mass and NH. From my viewpoint Dianna is one of the very few REAL people we came across in 3000 miles of traveling, working rallies, events etc.. She welcomed me into the Ma 4 Trump group like I had always been there after I also went “rogue” to do my own sign waving groups in Mass, tired of the traveling,games, politics I experienced. She built a huge following,has tons of support for her stance on immigration, illegals, refugees, sanctuary cities and works extremely hard at it. I know because she pushes me daily to build our team, recruit for the GOP, get out there with a message. Don’t attack her for leaving, she got her point across and stated explicitly to call her one on one with concerns; As a TRUMP LOYALIST from the very beginning I would ask you to get to know her before you judge her actions! She is a fighter, a PATRIOT who only wants the best for our country!

  5. Dianne Eason

    Dianna has created the animosity that surrounds her by lying about anyone who challenges her in any way.

    EVERYONE was welcome to attend that “debate,” and the fact that those who have seen Dianna for what she is outnumbered her supporters makes one wonder if she really has any. They could have packed that room. They chose not to. You have to ask yourself why.

    Her childish videos disparaging her opponent are what initially caught my eye (since I knew neither), and the more I’ve observed her actions the more I know she is neither mature enough nor stable enough to be the chair of anything.

  6. John

    The never Trumper Bakers of this state will find a way to implode. Dianna deserves better than this BS hit job and she will do better. She is a team player and works harder at making things move forward than all of the fake Republican machine put together. She did the right thing by reading her statement and walking out. Gives the white bread some excitement in their boring BS lives.

  7. Dom Caruso

    Frank Licata-Grow Up..Dianna has been saying all along that this has been postponed so you useless Charlie Baker Pant Suit Democrats can prepare for a real grassroots campaign..Frank Licata is that true?.. I know its true…Dianna owned everyone lol..You all fell for it…she beat you democrats at your own game..hahahahahaha.

    Dianna pulled off a well orchestrated, precise move..

    Well Done “Coach”

  8. Clinton ma tea party

    Sad sad times when a candidate walks out of a debate, Ploss didnt even have the manners to listen to her opponent. I feel Ploss is a plant by the DNC or Tall Deval. About leaving the debate “IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT IN THE POLITICAL KITCHEN THEN STAY OUT OF IT” Seems the Ploss hacks and Ploss blame everyone but Ploss …. Comical.

  9. Shawn Dooley

    I don’t have a dog in this hunt but my experience is that you should always stay and answer the tough questions. Most people are respectful and if there is an asshat or two it is easy to neutralize them by being polite and competent. People will see them for who they are. If you run from a room full of Republicans- you are in for a world of hurt once the Dems know you can be spooked that easily.

  10. Hillary Mayer

    Frank Licata and his friends Janet Vincze and Jackie Corriveau, who works on resetting refugees for Baker, filled the room with tons of people that were trying to attack Dianna. I applaud Dianna for not taking their RINO BS. We all know Frank built his pages with blood money from DeVito, Baker’s Lawyer. These RINOS NEED TO BE VOTED OUT! Excellent Move, Coach.

    Amanda Orlando Kesterson on the other had supports resettling refugees, postponed the election, and promised to back Ron Kauffman for his reelection if she wins. The Orlando family donates so much money to baker it’s unbelievable. RINOS

  11. Boston Bratty

    Shawn Dooley, speaking of dogs as I left the room they were discussing dog leashes.. hmmm.. Let’s look at some real issues..like “affordable” (ie low income) housing going up all over the place, T’s stops.. our city has a plot of land just leveled… what are they building?? looks immense …invasion of America? Regarding asshats hard to think on your feet if interruptions were going to come a mile a minute.. and we all know that was going to occur. Maybe her time is better spent fighting off antifa at Anti Sharia rallies, discussing sanctuary cities, trying to save American values and not worrying about dog leashes..I don’t know . what do you think?

  12. Brandy Brandon

    Wow, I read Mike’s post and then read the comments. I voted with my feet over four years ago so I don’t have a dog in the fight, other than the regard I hold for some of the Bay Staters I left behind, but it looks like you are in deep kimchi.

  13. Hillary Mayer

    Fun Fact: Frank Licata is a life-long democrat. I just looked up his voting records. He voted for democrats for years. Is he a democrat-operative that infiltrated the GOP? Seems so

  14. Astures Caelis

    Get a grip Iron Mike. We all respect you but on this one, you and your few friends are way off course. I never thought I would see the day that Iron Mike of all people would go libtard-light.

    Do you know that the girl who fed you all those pics and live streamed the event on Facebook is a former democrat herself who ran for state rep in Peabody against Stephanie Peach and is quoted in the Boston Globe at Hillary rallies saying she is with Hillary and ready to GOTV for Hillary? Do you actually check your sources before you post your stuff? Getting a bit senile in your old age Sir? You and your psycho friend with the cane who waste away day and night behind your computer screens attacking this poor woman should be ashamed of yourself. But that is par for the course for you people isn’t it. Lonnie Brennan and the Boston Broadside called it right and you and psycho cane man and all your crazy friends got it wrong. Ploss is the conservative and you all are propping up CHARLIE BAKER’S GIRL from Gloucester. Hear all hear all: IRON MIKE HAS GONE ESTABLISHMENT. Ploss may be a bit crazy but newsflash SO ARE YOU MIKE. So I don’t want to see your damn car around events with all the Hillary for prison signs and how you hate socialism and all that when you post CRAP like this sourced from establishment former libtard Hillary hacks and slap a conservative label on it.

    Ignorance is bliss and you’re only making people more ignorant.

    I know Frank Licata and nothing but respect and if he says she was not good on the Trump Train I respect his opinion but there are equally other people who have said she did a lot. That woman travels all over the damn state protest get sanctuary cities, tax increases, and every other plank of the CONSERVATIVE movement, notice I didn’t say the Republican movement. Granted Amanda is divorced with three kids and is busy and props to her for her work, but I haven’t seen her in Gardner Auditorium testifying against sanctuary cities or tax increases. For that matter I’ve never seen YOU IRON MIKE doing that either. Now Iron Mike and his goon squad are going after Dianna while propping up Charlie’s Angel.

    Iron Mike? More like Establishment Mike. Change your nome de voie mon ami. From this day forward Iron Mike is dead; Establishment Mike took him out.

  15. Amanda

    Thanks, Mike, for writing this blog post. I was happy that the event was organized to give voters a chance to hear from the candidates.

    The room was filled with people, generally from the Georgetown-Boxford-Newbury-W.Newbury area.

    Dianna brought along with her a bunch of out of district supporters(about 15 people in a crowd of about 40 total). The majority of folks in the room I met for the first time that night. The narrative that the room was heavily tilted in my direction is simply false.

    The event was moderated by Scott Favollita, who made it very clear up front that no one was going to be allowed to attack anyone. In fact, both Dianna and I were assured days before by the event hosts(and apparently, she was assured in several emails from them that I was not included on) that we were going to be asked questions from last year’s Vincze-Hudak debate by the moderator, and that the audience questions were all going to be vetted and could only apply to our campaign for this seat and not other topics.

    Despite those assurances, Dianna RAN away from the debate after making her opening statement. I stayed and answered every single question asked by the audience, and specifically told the moderator that he didn’t need to filter the questions, that I was happy to just answer directly from the audience members, and I did.

    You can see the video for verification of all that I say is true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY1oECHtaQU&t=701s

    As for the other assertions made by my opponent on her social media video and posts, there is virtually nothing that has been said which is true or can be backed up by any evidence at all. When we asked Dianna to prove her contentions, she claimed we were “attacking” her.

    My family is proud to support both Gov. Baker and President Trump. We support our state rep candidates, our city council candidates, and our State Sen. Bruce Tarr. We’ve also supported district candidates like Richard Baker, Anne Manning-Martin, and Richard Tisei.

    As an activist, I have supported Republicans up and down the ticket, even when I haven’t agreed 100% with them on all issues. That’s what a TEAM is. Team mates support each other and work out their differences respectfully.

    In all my years on athletic teams as a field hockey and softball player, and watching sports with my family, I have never seen a “coach” openly criticize and attack the players as I have from my opponent during this campaign.

    A real coach doesn’t leave that team on the field and bolt the second a challenge is presented to her. A real coach of a team stays, meets the challenge, and shows leadership.

    The fact that Dianna left the event is because she was afraid to answer questions and be challenged on her many fraudulent assertions about lots of great people who have worked hard for the Republican cause for a long time.

    She tries hard to compare herself to Donald Trump, but Trump ALWAYS defended his statements and participated in debates with his opponents. He was never afraid of the challenge.

  16. Real Conservative

    Re: Clinton Tea Party.

    Could someone please tell Clinton Tea Party to take his one-man-band and cane and go back to Clinton. No one wants him around the North Shore nor can anyone stand him. He’s been aggravating all of us for almost two years now because no one in Worcester can stand him anymore, now he’s apparently our problem. If he wants to spend his time showing up at every event north of the city and do nothing but eating other people’s food, attacking female candidates, and running his mouth about how he & Christy Mihos were illegally gun-running & doing bag drops with Dean Martin and all his alleged family members in the Italian Mafia out of Ken’s Steakhouse, we’re all tired of hearing his BS.

    He calls yourself a man and a conservative after all the crap he did to this poor woman Ploss. He’s pathetic. For a man who spends nearly every waking minute of his relatively meaningless life attacking Charlie Baker he’s one hell of a hypocrite for supporting Orlando and clapping like a penguin every time she says how much she loves Charlie and wants to sidetrack conservatives who aren’t going to support him. He asked if Ploss has mental problems, but the real question is, how many does he have? Obviously it’s not a question whether you or not; we all know he does, it’s just a matter of severity.

    He needs to GO BACK TO CLINTON OR GARDNER OR WHEREVER HE’S FROM AND LEAVE US ALL ALONE. We all have lives and things to do and we don’t show up at events to listen to crackpots like him gesticulate. Like Suaron, go back to the hole from whence you came…

  17. Frank Licata

    Boston Bratty, who commented above, only volunteered at events in NH, so she has no idea what went on inside the MA offices.

  18. Frank Licata

    Let’s all not forget that while Dianna Ploss was in the campaign she wrote a scathing public letter against Atty Vincent DeVito, the Massachusetts chairman that was chosen by Trump to lead the state. This was mutiny, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s personal opinion is about the two people, Dianna purposely attempted to sabotage the campaign that she supposedly was with. Now she’s doing the same thing to her new party.

  19. Frank Licata

    Hillary, I do not know Janet

  20. Meat And Potatoes

    Well, she certainty didn’t do herself any favors. I am surprised it was caught on video. Must have been done secretly because I know for a fact MassGOP restricts any media coverage. One would be wise to look into the person shooting the vid and the url link. There’s. Your snitch.

  21. Boston Bratty

    The swamp has sucked me into bizarro land!

  22. Integrity1st

    I recently took the time to go all the way down Diana’s Ploss’ Facebook page for the very first time, and was stunned by two very distinctive things. 1- she has been everywhere and done everything and I am duly impressed with how much she has put herself out there to get on Chronicle, good news article coverage, getting to rallies and everything else she has accomplished. But even more stunning was I have never seen trolling like I have the likes of Frank Licata who was almost daily badgering, criticizing, attacking, abusing, and harassing. It was pretty much all the same. She did nothing for the Trump campaign, and he knows this because he did so very much. The evidence speaks to the contrary. She seemed to be all over the place and Frank would be better off posting pictures of him in as many places as Diana, instead of tirelessly repeating himself with the same all same all and no evidence to back it up

  23. Walter Knight

    There was free food?

    Name calling instead of arguing issues is usually a liberal tactic. Try to be on the same side. On the plus side, there seems to be a lot of interest in who wins.

  24. Clinton ma tea party


  25. Frank Licata

    The new news is astounding about Dianna’s alleged delegate fraud from address misrepresentation violating Republican Party rules, and alleged voter fraud violating Massachusetts law.

  26. Real Conservative

    I assume at this point everyone knows that Clinton Tea Party is a borderline psychotic hack named Clifford Blake (old white guy with a cane and beer belly who tends to be kind of scary and intimidating) who for the last several years has been tied to the hip of Sheila Mullins from Newburyport, the current committeewoman for that state senate District and spends the majority of his time on Facebook attacking everyone he possibly can on every side of every issue because he has nothing else better to do with his life. He has a particular hankering for attacking Republican WOMEN running for office too, ask the Leiutenent Governor. Everyone in the entire north shore other than Mullins is waiting for the day when this whackobird goes back to his hole in central Mass and doesn’t come out again. Big party the day that happens and drinks are on me. Everyone, especially Dianna and Amanda should avoid this guy like the bubonic plague. He has a very dicey history with woman, ask his ex-wives. This loser needs to get a life. He has no place in the Republican party let alone the MAGOP.

    Re: the real issue. THIS IS JUST ONE RACE PPL. WAKE UP. You’re all going to psychotic over one race, are you all on crack? You know how more races we have to work together on in the future? Anyone heard of Geoff Diehl? Retards. Frank Licata, do you even have a day job, other than attacking Dianna Ploss? Like seriously what do you actually do for money we’re all curious. You’re about to tank your entire political career go we all hope you have a day job. Ask Gabriel Gomez and Rob Eno about screenshots sometime pal, “screengrabs last forever”. This vendetta against Dianna is going to be tracked to your name for the rest of the time you’re involved in politics before you run back to being a registered Democrat yourself hoss. Takes one to know one I guess.

    Regardless of what happens tomorrow night this race is the most pathetic infighting I’ve ever seen in over 15 years of don’t politics in MAGOP. YOU ALL NEED TO GROW UP. THIS IS CRAP CHILDREN DO NOT ADULTS.

    RE: “Real Conservative” – – this gutless anonymous commenter is talking about Clifford F. Blake 2nd – a former Marine.

  27. Boston Bratty

    whoah!! BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS..bombshell!! Now everyone will run away from “Coach”.. wow.. such bitter animosity!! And they want people to run for positions in the GOP?!! HA and be subject to this?? No Thanks .. I was asked to run for a local position and I politely declined. I’d rather go up against Antifa!

    Thanks Integrity 1st for seeing things the way they are .. you might not all like her tactics but I don’t see some of the critics getting in the face of the Antifa clowns and taking them on,taking on the issues that really MATTER!! It’s easy to be a facebook warrior, keyboard warrior .. try getting in the trenches where it’s real life .. Go Dianna.. like you said in your video you’re not going away .. and your team is behind you!

  28. Integrity1st

    I’m almost at the point I don’t know who to vote for, but maybe if this was pursued: “Do you know that the girl who fed you all those pics and live streamed the event on Facebook is a former democrat herself who ran for state rep in Peabody against Stephanie Peach and is quoted in the Boston Globe at Hillary rallies saying she is with Hillary and ready to GOTV for Hillary?” and someone could please look into this Frank the stalker guy, we could all have a better understanding of what is really going on with this race. This is beyond eating your own. Nothing smells right about any of this.

  29. Clinton ma tea party

    To real Conservative aka Ryan Hawkes Nbypt rino.

    “Its Good to have Enemy’s, That shows you stood for something ” Sir Winston Churchill

  30. Peter S

    Iron Mike, you are WAY off on this one! Dianna Ploss has given her heart, soul, blood, sweat and treasure in this one. WAY more than many MA residents deserve. And she will continue well after this week. Have no idea what prompted you to post this negative piece on a true soldier. Please save you ammo for the enemy.

  31. Iron Mike

    WAKE UP PETER! I’m not the one who failed to vote in 2014, – or who voted illegally in the 2016 Presidential Primary, – then went on to become a delegate in a district I no longer resided in.

    I’m not “OFF”, – I started out reporting rude behavior by a candidate and asking WHY? Then – as often happens, – somebody supplied me with disturbing FACTS. So I reported them.

    A “True Soldier” doesn’t cheat like a Democrat!

    As a life-ling Republican, I’m REAL TIRED of being represented by fakes, frauds, and infiltrators. Right now the MassGOP is FULL of them. ENOUGH!

    We need to hold people ACCOUNTABLE for their decisions and actions!

  32. Peter S

    I would add that if the requirement for the GOP is lifelong GOP membership, you are mathematically ruling out ANY CHANCE of a GOP majority in MA. This is 5th grade math.

  33. Dom Caruso

    We need to Drain the MASS Swamp, GOP and DEM… Starting with Charlie Baker! We need a True Patriot as the Gov. of Massachusetts… although we are not the majority, I’m sure there is someone out there that can rid this state of the liberals, I mean what happened? We used to be a “wicked” Patriot state way way way back in the day…

  34. Peter S

    Mike, have you ever met Dianna or seen her in action? She’s got more guts than just about most in the MA GOP. Personally, I don’t consider that to be a bad trait. Last I heard our sitting President did not win through obeying the AGE OLD circa 1900’s “been there-done that” play book that most in the MA GOP habitually follow. In MA, Trump won the primary in part by registering DEMs to vote in the GOP primary. Dianna may be unconventional but calling her a RiNO is a very unfortunate mis-characterization. Dianna’s opponent may have been charming and lovely. But Dianna is a fighter. My statement “save our ammo for enemies” stands.

  35. Peter S

    Dianna Ploss chiding Jamie Eldridge and the ACLU at the June 9th state house hearing to turn MA into a sanctuary state.
    That’s Dianna saying “You should be ashamed of yourself” to traitor Eldridge and his cronies. Mike, it was almost as if Dianna’s comments against traitor Eldridge came straight from YOUR heart. How many RINOs in MA with either the courage or creativity do we see hitting traitor Eldridge like that?


    I hope you meet Dianna sometime.

    1. I have met her – nice enough, but maybe a tad over-eager.

    2. Your mailbox is full – rejecting emails, – or you’d already have my private answer.

    3. She may be a ‘really great Republican’ ~ now ~, – BUT she voted illegally last year – ran for delegate illegally – and didn’t even vote in 2014. THEN two weeks ago she stormed out of a Candidate’s Night – rudely. I had no part of those 4 actions.

    4. Urge you to re-calibrate your candidate measuring sticks, somehow you’re not getting the full picture.

    5. Ms. Ploss had every opportunity to explain herself on this blog, – but chose not to.

  36. Boston Bratty

    Lies.. I did plenty in Mass. rallies, standouts. fund raisers, overpasses sometimes 5 times a week. It’s not a competition Frank but I WAS there long before some of you, the cliques in the GOP’s and your buddies..As I see it it didn’t matter who signed up to volunteer and did so FROM DAY ONE .. only the cronies get the special invitations to Trump’s return.. It’s okay though we did it for the win, not the favors …