What War Is DHS Planning?

Posted August 15th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Department of Homeland Security
[and other agencies]
buy four (4) times
MORE bullets
than we have people!


.40 cal pistol hollow point –  450 million rounds
.40 cal pistol – 350 million rounds
.40 cal pistol – 200 million
.233 cal rifle –  175 million rounds
.50 cal sniper –  20,000 rounds
.308 cal rifle match-sniper –  374,000 mixed
7.62 mm belted machine gun – 20,000
12 gauge shotgun –  363,000 mixed

Now add the National Weather Service ordering 46,000 cal .40 hollow pointsIs being a weatherman that dangerous?  

Is Janet Napolitano planning on Zombie Armageddonor is she planning to wipe out half of America?

Remember back when I challenged Chicago thug / Obama Sect of Education Arnie Duncan on why his Dept of Ed needed to buy 27 12 gauge pump-action shotguns?  Now the Weather Service is stocking up on pistol ammo? 

What’s going on?  And WHY is the media ignoring it all?

Citizens and the Press [if we only still had one] should be alarmed. TERRIFIED!

Exactly WHAT is Obama planning to do?

Listen to his own words, spoken during the 2008 campaign in Colorado Springs.

NOW: Read SEC. 5210 of the ObamaCare act – which gives him legal authority [and cover] to form his ‘Civilian Defense Force’. 

WAKE UP FOLKS!!  There are only 308 million Americans.  Obama is having DHS buy enough bullets to shoot each of us 4 times!  I am suddenly terrified at the thought of a second Obama term.  It will be the end of our 22nd Amendment.

Did the use by DHS of Predator drones escape your notice?

The most far-fetched movie plots are coming true. 

Somebody is planning to shoot you, – and your tax dollars are paying for the bullets. WHY have none of your politicians questioned this?  Whose side are they on? 

And all of this is playing out behind the scenes – as Darrell Issa questions Holder and Napolitano on Fast & Furious, and Napolitano is named in at least two sexual harassment/workplace discrimination lawsuits. 

Do you think Sheriff Joe could straighten out this mess? Would he make a great new Sect of DHS?

Do we need to vote Obama OUT of our White House?




5 Responses to “What War Is DHS Planning?”

  1. Tom

    This is the time for the conspiratorial scenarios. Could this be ammo for the October surprise? Could this be ammo for the planned riots outside the DNC and RNC convention? Could this be ammo for the insurrection of when they loose the election in November? Could these agencies be manipulating the ammo market to create shortages and drive up the prices? Pick one.

  2. MC

    Iron Mike

    It is being reported that the Social Security Administration is to purchase 174 thousand rounds of .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition. I wonder how many folks in law enforcement still carry .357 instead of .40 or 45 caliber glocks. I don’t think many!
    >>>>>>>>>>>—————<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here's their lying answer... http://oig.ssa.gov/newsroom/blog/2012/08/social-securitys-oig-responds-concerns-over-ammunition-procurement

    Quarterly target practice and qualification for 295 field investigators?

    HARDLY!! That would be 590 rounds per year – or 147 rounds per quarter! Nobody familiar with law enforcement is going to believe that story!

  3. Walter Knight

    It’s more likely someone in the ammo industry made a campaign contribution.

  4. TeaTime

    My first thought was that they want to make it more difficult for us citizen to purchase the ammo and firearms…limiting the supply to us and also increasing the price.

    I also have heard there are 20,000 Spetznaz in the country from Russia…why? anyone heard anything about this?

    Are we being invaded and setup???

  5. Ironic Mike

    Perhaps the Obama administration is merely responsibly planning for the possibility of a Romney/Ryan victory and is preparing for the violent reaction of the citizenry when they realize that Medicare and Social Security are to be gutted? Ironic, no?

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