What They’ve Endured

Posted December 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

As our Greatest Generation – those self-effacing heroes of WWII busy themselves with making their final river crossing,…I spent some time this weekend trying to grasp all that they’ve lived through.
 Greatest Generation 1
Depression, avoidable wars, inept and failed national leadership, erosion of American Greatness, …and now our first truly un-American and anti-American president.  It doesn’t seem fair.

20 Long Years
Twenty years under the FDR / Truman era.  Even then the media refused to tell the truth, – that the Democratic candidate was a cripple, – confined to a wheel chair, and carried to his auto or to a podium by strong men.

Few Knew

Soon to be dead

His final vice-president – a legitimate battlefield hero of WWI – was non-the-less an afterthought – an uneducated man harboring deep racism for things oriental.

While he gets credit for the no-brainer of dropping the Atomic Bomb, – he abandoned China to the Reds,  let the French fend for themselves in Indo-China,  and was oblivious to the threat growing in North Korea – until they invaded the South in 1950.

Then fearing a political challenge from MacArthur – he sent only minimal resources, denied MacArthur the use of atomic bombs, and as a result, the Korean War dragged on for 4 years when MacArthur had them on the ropes by the end of 1950.   Then, still fearful of the Russians and the Chinese, Truman fired MacArthur.  We lost 36,516 dead in Korea.

For eight years the nation had some level of adult leadership under Eisenhower…

But then he was followed by the dreadful political combo of Kennedy/Johnson.  After 1000 days of ‘Camelot’ [again, – an invention of the media] – we got the lifetime liar LBJ, and his terribly inept management of the Vietnam War.

Kennedy Johnson

NOTE:  The LBJ phenomenon is a classic case of no good deed going unpunished. 

During the early days of WWII,  Congressman Johnson was on active duty as a young navy officer.

MacArthur sent him to watch a landing from the safety of a B-17 flying at 10,000 feet.  Then, – thinking it might be politically useful someday – awarded him a Silver Star.  

Johnson wore it forever after – came to believe he was a war hero, – and during those bad days of 1967-68 – he spent hours each day personally picking out bombing targets. 

Like Truman just 17 years prior,  Johnson lived in craven fear of a widened war with China or Russia.   He and Kennedy had campaigned on the pretext that Eisenhower had let a ‘missile gap’ occur between us and the Russians.   No such gap existed, – but like many liars,  LBJ came to believe his own bullshit. 

He therefore made NO ATTEMPT to win in South Vietnam, – he just didn’t want to be seen as inept and cowardly, – as Truman was viewed after Korea.

Many a WWII vet lost their sons in Vietnam due to first Kennedy’s then Johnson’s rank amateurish and politically-focused mishandling of an easily winnable conflict.  MacArthur’s 1942 political investment backfired badly in the LBJ presidency, and we lost 58,209 killed before it was over.

The Vietnam War also coincided with radical social changes in the US, and our nation has never fully recovered…

Chicago 68

The Johnson debacle was followed by the flawed presidency of Richard Nixon.  He too had picked a troubled vice president – Spiro Agnew – who was encouraged to resign.  Agnew would be replaced by a decent man Gerald Ford, – who was distracted by his wife’s drinking problem.

Nixon Meets Mao 1972

To his credit, Nixon did manage to get us out of Vietnam [albeit without honor] leaving yet another ally to fend for themselves.  He opened up a personal relationship with China’s Mao Tse Tung, and today the Chinese are the manufacturing and financial powerhouse of the world.
Kent State 4 May 1970

The media hounded Nixon as they never have any democrat.  A third-rate political burglary of Democratic HQ at the Watergate Hotel would end in an impeachment threat and Nixon resigning.

That same media would then give Carter, the Clintons, and now Obama a total pass.

Gerald Ford finished out Nixon’s 2nd term – and will probably be remembered more for the weekly mocking he endured on Saturday Nite Live by left-wing comedian Chevy Chase.  Ford did have the courage to order a quick strike against the Khmer Rouge when they hijacked the American freighter Mayaguez.
Gerald Ford and Chevy Chase

But SNL probably killed off any chance Ford had for re-election. 

He was replaced by another unvetted Progressive Democratic phony – allegedly an ordained minister, – nuclear sub skipper, successful southern governor,  and successful peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.  

Once again the press was so delighted at having a genuine ‘Progressive’ – they never vetted him – never found out [or failed to tell us] of his inflated résumé.   He’s been such a horrible governor of Georgia that living down there then, – we all thought it was a joke.  

Carter got just 50.1% of the popular vote – won only Hawaii west of Texas, but got a whopping 297 electoral votes.  He was an indecisive and vindictive fraud – a racist in many ways and he threw the Shah of Iran under the bus – in full public view. 

In 1979 the Soviets, knowing how weak Carter was, – invaded Afghanistan.

He retaliated by not sending our Olympic Team to the Moscow Olympics.  And in 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeni returned to Iran and his fundamentalist followers overthrew the Shah’s pro-western government.  Our embassy was stormed and our people held hostage.  Carter micro-managed a failed rescue attempt – ordering the team to depart leaving burnt American bodies in the desert.
Carter and Iran
34 years later we still have a huge problem with the Twelvers of Iran.

Here at home we were enduring high unemployment, sky-high interest rates, and very low public confidence.

Reagan 1980

The election of November 1980 brought relief in the form of an American icon – Ronald ‘Dutch’ Reagan – a former union president and Democrat-turned-Republican.

It is worth noting that the Iranians released our hostages the very moment Reagan was sworn in!

By the time he took office, our Greatest Generation – those kids who’d reached adulthood in the middle of WWII – were in their late 50s – in their peak earning years, – and starting to feel again the pain of almost-forgotten wounds.

Quiet Tough Guy

It took awhile,  but Ronald Reagan’s steady hand did turn around our sagging economy and improve America’s image overseas. 

Tear Down This Wall

He rebuilt our military.  At one point under Carter,  we’d been allocated just 18 bullets / year for marksmanship qualification.

And thank God he did,  because on George Bush’s watch Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait,  and thanks to Reagan, we were ready!
George and Barbara 1990

But winning a war in just 4 days wasn’t enough…

A campaign pledge of “Read my lips – no new taxes”  did George in.  Democrats pounced,  and one of their weapons [lies] was man-made global warming.   They wanted a ‘Peace Dividend”.

By a lifetime of faithful and often dangerous public service, George Bush had earned re-election.  

But a pot-smoking draft-dodging serial liar who espoused Progressive ideas seemed just the ticket.  Once again, the media was totally in the bag for the ProgressiveAmerica never heard about the trail of dead bodies back in Arkansas.  There would be more in the Clinton White House.
Clinton Campaign 1992
A draft-dodger from Arkansas,  who’d ducked out twice on his military commitment during Vietnam, known as Slick Willie or Bubba – became our next president.

Luck was with Mister Clinton – our military was still powerful from Reagan and filled with fresh combat veterans from Desert Storm.  He abused it.  But he was also riding the so-called ‘hi tech bubble’ – all the way to a second term.  He seemed like the answer to a ‘Progressive’s Prayers’ – except we all know they don’t pray – they don’t believe in God.

Still, Bubba was not above playing college boy in our Oval Office – and of course he lied repeatedly about it – and was impeached.   The Senate – perhaps knowing that Al Gore was the worse evil, declined to convict Bubba – and he remains popular with die-hard MoonBats.

His shrew-like murdering wife may become our next president,  and she is worse than Obama by a factor of at least five.

Hanging ChadTexas Governor George W. Bush was a long shot to win in 2000,  and he did so by a hanging chad in Dade County Florida. 

Al Gore never recovered, – went shrieking around the world yelling ‘Global Warming’,  – won an Emmy and a Nobel Prize – and was eventually proven a fraud and a philanderer – and divorced by his long-suffering wife.

It was on Bush’s watch that the fruits of Clinton’s ignoring al Qaeda were brought to our shores in a ruthless act of savagery on 9/11.

America would learn a great deal about fundamental Islam in the next few weeks and months.
911 Towers

I remember watching the second plane hit on TV, and knew instantly what had happened.  My first thought was “Thank God SP/4 Gore is not CinC!”

Bush at Ground Zero

Now, stupidly, too many Americans are trying to embrace Islam, – and the election of Barack Hussein Obama – and his re-election are proof of that. 

This is a war we may be losing by having elected an enemy general as our leader.Obama Enemy General

So now as our Greatest Generation prepare for their final River Crossings – they must suffer the indignity of knowing that their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren have elected an America-hating serial lying fraud to lead us, then re-elected him.ONLY an anti-American

They’ve suffered through phonies and frauds,  liars,  cowards,  scoundrels,…and now America is in the hands of someone who despises them.  

The closing of the WWII Memorial – THEIR DAMNED MEMORIAL – during the government shutdown is all the proof you should need.

Make It HurtWhat OTHER American president – no matter how inept or cowardly – ever told his cabinet to “…make it hurt!”? 

To you old-timers in the Greatest Generation, Thank You!   I hope we haven’t totally squandered the Republic you saved from fascism. 

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Casey Chapman

    My husband often reminds me, that God hasn’t finished with our republic yet. I often wonder, though, how many stupid moves He’s going to be willing to put up with?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Excellent history of the mid to late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and the great and not so great that shaped our lives. You won’t see this in our current history book and most likely not in our future curriculums. God bless those brave men an d woman who fought and gave their lives for the Republic, we can only hope, pray and work to retain our God given rights and liberties.