What The Stupak Rollover Signals

Posted March 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Dupe & Duper

When allegedly Pro-Life Democrat Bart Stupak rolls over, – on a “promise of an ‘executive order’ from Obama” – what does it tell you about Democrats in general? 

I maintain that it tells you they all believe in fairy tales, “once-upon-a-time”, unicorns, over-the-rainbow, and a world where all men are equal and live in utopian happiness without strife, greed, war, sickness, death, taxes, or marital stress.  Where polar bears frolic near orchards of Federal Lollipop Trees, where all offenders can be rehabilitated,  where amnesty is grated automatically along with a driver’s license, a VISA card, a voter registration, and a Social Security card.  And where they – the socially enlightened of course, – are in charge. 

What’s hard to figure about Stupak, from Michigan’s 1st District – is that having served 12 years as a police officer, you’d think he’s have a more down-to-earth view of life and the law.  But there are clues.  His older son is a lawyer – practicing in California.  His younger son committed suicide, and the Stupaks blame the acne medicine Accutane.  Thus deep within Bart is a suspicion and resentment against drug companies.

So why would Stupak – a veteran cop – turned attorney – turned 18-year congressman trust the lives of the unborn he allegedly champions, and the future of the USA to the promise of a known weasel like Obama?   Why did people trust Hitler?   Why did people trust Pol Pot?   Why did 900 people drink the Kool-Aid in Jonestown?   Note that in each case there was the clever use of an ‘enemy’ of the state or of the group.  Today Obama’s ‘enemy’ is big insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies ‘who are getting rich while denying coverage and overcharging’.  Stupak is a willing dupe!

What’s next on Obama’s Socialist Schedule?

Immigration:  Amnesty, citizenship, and voter registration for those 13+ million illegals.  Thus providing a voter block to counter the growth of the TEA Parties.  This in a census year too.

Your Retirement Fund and your 401K:   Because “so many people ‘never had the chance’ for a retirement fund or a 401K” . . . in fairness they must be federalized and the assets redistributed to all those deserving people who were “denied their fair opportunity”.   You’ll get your crumbs of course, after you prove your loyalty to Obama by repealing the 22nd Amendment.  He wants a lifetime appointment.

Your guns:   If you own guns, do not tell people about them, and do not report them.  Stockpile ammo.  Eric Holder is coming for them – sooner or later.  Look for draconian federal attempts to limit ammo production and huge taxes to discourage ammo sales. 

Your vehicles:  Look for massive and punishing federal taxes on both miles driven and on gross weight.  They want you driving tiny hybrids. 

Your boat:   How dare you?!?  Such an ostentatious show of capitalist consumerism!  Why can’t poor people have boats?  Be prepared to time-share yours with people on the government list.  Same for your beach / lake / mountain house.  You own too much – it’s not fair. 

Obama convinced millions of willing dupes that the biggest problem facing America was the rising cost of health care, – and that only his massive federal takeover could save us from ourselves, – and from those greedy companies.  Mary Landrieu sold out for $300 Million,  Ben Nelson sold out for $500 Million.  Bart Stupak sold out for a mere empty promise. 
  Stubak – back home in Nov 2009. 

They’ve all sold you out!   They were too stupid or too full of Kool-Aid to see the power grab.   Come November we must vote them out!   No forgiveness and no amnesty for traitors or dupes!  Out with all of them!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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6 Responses to “What The Stupak Rollover Signals”

  1. Jim C.

    Did everyone see that vile, disgusting little speech Stupak made on the house floor opposing re-commitment of his own amendment. Saying how “pro-life” Democrats are?

    There never was any committment to the unborn. He was a snake in the grass from the beginning. I never thought he could be trusted and I warned people not to be satisfied with health care reform just because Stupak got his amendment in the house bill.

    The Democrats aren’t just socialists. They’re communists. They won’t be happy till they assign us all jobs in communes, and send us to “re-education camps” if we complain.

    They are theives too. For months now, they have been printing money and taking on debt to pay for their schemes and to line the pockets of their banker friends. Every time they print money, it devalues the dollar. It’s no different than reaching right into our savings accounts and stealing the money. When will people learn?

  2. Elizabeth Hering

    I am completely shocked that this bill passed. This is a vote down for America and a vote up for socialism.

  3. dannap

    Stupak has no conscience, nor does he have a spine. Sickening. He is sitting on the fence, hoping that no one will notice that by not making a commitment, he is absolutely making a statement that he can’t survive in rough seas. He will go the party line, regardless of the content of the legislation.

  4. Tom Gilroy

    Again, the representatives of the people did not listen to the voice of the people. As loud as they spoke, at the ballots in January, via phone and email the past few weeks they disregarded their plea. There was only one Democrat Representative, in Massachusetts that listened and 33 others throughout the country. Each and every one of those Yea votes deserve to be soundly defeated in the midterm election. Remember in November and expel them from the House (of the people).

  5. Karen G

    Not that it surprises me, but Stupak is the biggest sell out I’ve ever seen. I was happy that someone called him a baby killer last night — it is a well deserved moniker. The Dems think we’re all so stupid; that by November we’ll forget about how they wiped their butts with our Constitution, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Eight months and counting until we can send our message…

  6. B Howell

    Why did people trust Hitler? Why did people drink the kool aid? Why did people vote for a man campaigning in Germany for the presidency of America? Obama wasn’t raised in this country, he is very much an outsider. He never was a boy scout or played little league. I doubt if he ever went swimming at the lake on Sunday picnics.

    Police officers work with scouts and little league. Stupak understands Americana even if the President doesn’t. So, I am having a difficult time with this sellout.

    Bart Stupak will have a police and congressional pension. He will have wonderful health care, not like the junk we will have, thanks to him.

    Time for him to retire. Time for all Dems to be voted out!