What Part Of Obama Failed?

Posted September 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

If ever in History a man stood in the Doorway of Greatness – it was Barack Hussein Obama Jr. on the morning of January 20th 2008.

Before an adoring crowd of over 1,000,000 worshipful believers he stood as the fulfillment of 143 years of Black Dreams.  He embodied HOPE and CHANGE!

But very soon we saw that something was wrong, – very wrong.

It started with little things, like having to retake his flubbed Oath, then flubbing it again.  Could he be doing it on purpose?

Then came his unending string of Cabinet Officer appointments – and his Czars – all drqwn from the most radical fringes of the Left Wing. Some were openly Socialist or Communist.

But on that cold Sunday morning – with over one million mostly Black faces straining to see him, and hear his every word…Barack Obama had three (3) distinct choices:

* He could become one of America’s greatest presidents,…

* He could be a good and competent president,…

*   or,…he could simply be Barack Obama.

To his everlasting shame, and our great misfortune, he chose to be Barack Obama.

He chose to be driven by a petty agenda of Third World revenge upon what he sees as White Colonial Powers – both the USA and European countries. 

He has and will continue to humble Western Society, by crushing us under the weight of our own self-inflicted debt.

If he isn’t a Muslim, he has at least proven to be a Muslim sympathizer, first bowing to the Saudi Wahhabi king, then hanging our ally Israel out to dry.

With every decision [often just indecision] he has weakened our military, caused additional casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  He called the murders committed by Islamic terrorist Major Nidal Malik Hasan – ‘workplace violence‘.

He announced our surrender date even as he used West Point cadets to backdrop his ‘surge’ announcement.  Lives have already been sacrificed because of his deliberate steps to weaken us.

He has been self-centered, narcissistic, and openly careless with highly classified defense secrets.  He has boasted about killing terrorists when he had nothing to do with it.  

But he has kept our southern border porous – while allowing thousands of assault rifles to go to Mexican drug cartels.  Border agents and American civilians have been killed, along with thousands of Mexicans.

He pushed through ObamaCarenot to give cheap health care to poor people, – but rather as a tool to grasp more government power – and further bankrupt American businesses.  He ignored the fact that Americans don’t want it.

He was conceited and narcissistic enough to accept the Nobel Peace Prize before doing anything to earn it.  I wonder how the Nobel Committee feels about it now – with the entire Muslim world aflame.

I could recount 44 months worth of Obamatrocities, but most of you are all-too-familiar with them. 

The point is that Obama CHOSE his path, he CHOSE to make anti-American and anti-Christian decisions, and to appoint known socialists and communists to high office.

As he claimed in his book to have done in college, – he has again surrounded himself with a phalanx of like-minded anti-Americans, chief among them being his wife.

Obama seeks a weakened and neutered America – in the name of ‘Social Justice‘.  He doesn’t understand that a neutered America would result in world chaos, because his entire life has been lived under the umbrella of American protection.  And he never studied history

He continues to play the class-warfare game – because it’s the only game his communist teachers and mentors were able to teach.

He is oblivious to the fact that our forefathers came here to escape the class warfare and the class restrictions of Europe.  But again, he hasn’t studied history.

And the Black Americans who campaigned, prayed, and voted for Obama?  How have they fared?  16.7% unemployment! 

What went wrong?  In our haste to elect a Black / a non-Bush / anti-war president,  – Americans elected an anti-American.  There’s pretty convincing evidence that we got a couple of racists in the bargain.

Worse, he may really have been a poor student in school, – he may be only as smart as the person loading his teleprompter.

We need to rid ourselves of this self-indulgent couple before they do our country any more damage.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!






3 Responses to “What Part Of Obama Failed?”

  1. Tom

    Congrats to you Iron Mike, you have said it all in very concise fashion. It Is our sacred duty to fire, oust, just get rid of this scourge on our Republic on November 6th .


    He is self-centered and narcissistic. You forgot arrogant.

  3. Jim

    Great way of putting it. After he was sworn in I rationalized it wouldn’t be that bad because he’d try to be more like Clinton. And we survived his slime. But you’re right, he chose to be Barack.