What? Obama Has ‘A PLAN’?!?

Posted August 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

But he’s going to WAIT until after his bus tour and after his vacation to tell us about it?

Or is he just waiting for George Soros to tell him what the plan is?

Overall unemployment remains high – 9.1% or worse. Black unemployment remains at 15.9%; 11.3% for Hispanics.  Our national credit rating has been downgraded by two agencies, the stock market threatens to tank on the next piece of bad news, and the Chinese are already lobbying the world to drop the Dollar as the standard of trade.

And now – SUDDENLY – after 2½ years of utter socialist failures – Mister Obama has ‘a plan‘?

Let me give you a preview – it involves BIGGER GOVERNMENT!

He will re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic – even as folks are clawing their way into the lifeboats.

He will announce a ‘jobs-oriented reorganization of the Federal Government‘.

Trumpets please! He’s going to ask Congress to combine elements of the Departments of Labor, Commerce, and State into a new GIANT BUREAURCRACY – is a supposed effort to find jobs for long-term unemployed.

Of course – it will need a new emergency appropriation to pay for it, and Congress will be asked to hurry up and pass it [before they or you get five days to read it] – because in mid-September it will suddenly be A CRISIS.

But it can wait for September because now is Martha’s Vineyard time – certainly not CRISIS time.

What’s really going on? He doesn’t give a sh-t about our economy,  or your job. He wants to LOOK LIKE HE’S DOING SOMETHING, – because he wants to be re-elected. He needs another five (5) years to finish destroying us.

   /s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

QUESTION:  Does this look like ‘a PLAN’?

BTW, this ‘Darth Vadar Bus‘ was Made in CANADA!

The August 2011 pre-vacation Armored Bus Campaign Swing


3 Responses to “What? Obama Has ‘A PLAN’?!?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    The media hype for this “big plan” over 4 weeks away is typical. We will have the Wolff Blitzer countdown stating today and for every hour and day for the superhype until we have but another “Obama address to the nation” at prime time. What new stimulus plan will he spin as the new savior and creator of jobs and what will be the “memorable” backdrop other than the Oval Office?. It will be more about fuzzy math than actually creating jobs, because we all know that the government does not create jobs. Not only will this be hyped as another one of the more important “plans/speeches” of his presidency, but one of the most critical since FDR to rescue our flailing eceomy. Will this now much heralded event be free of rhetoric and villification against the usual suspects or actually one of substance? I guess we will have to wait with Wolff with great anticipation. Try to restrain yourself, because I am sure the new “gang of twelve” is waiting with baited breath for their marching orders.

  2. Tired republican

    He had a big finger on him with his no-plan during the debt limit debates, seems a little late to jump on it now. I don’t hear fuzzy math with these things, laying off the government is not how jobs are created, there’s nothing fuzzy about that. Decreased spending means decreased jobs, increase spending equals more debt.

    He sides on jobs over debt reduction, which to me looks better now, but not long term. Cutting a few trillion over ten years doesn’t feel like much of an impact toward freedom from debt.

  3. Jim Buba

    Old news is truly not a comfort. I can disagree with the timeline of Rabid, but only from a Fiscal Year perspective during which the credit card has been made quite good. The crisis will come following the FY2012 appropriations and then we await the contingency cuts for the next installment.

    China has no role in this whatsoever. They can rattle, rant and rave, but the alternative to the Dollar as reserve currency is the Pound, which has its limits trying to hold up what is left of the last sunset of the British Empire.

    There is the Euro, but given the stretch that links back to the healthy dollar, it appears that one of the two will fall just a few seconds before the other.

    We could run to the ruble, but that depends upon the double-price of oil, unlikely that it would sustain wide circulation unless backed by gold, of which Russia has insufficient quantity… potential, but not real.

    Of course there is the Yuan, but that Chinese propped up mess would be revalued at something like 8:1 and sink the entire world (western at least) into disarray rendering the Chinese currency a bigger failure than holding out for the dollar.

    No, at this point, the likely currency hero lies with the nation whose history has been wrecked, ravaged and pillaged with murder and theft. Poland stand tall having emerged each and every half century stronger and more adept at all things the world cannot sustain. The unlikely strong alliance for sustainable development and growth lies with Poland and its mortal enemies, the Russians and Germans. Those three in agreement, could like control the world’s greatest and productive industrialized -AND- agricultural forces ever; and sustain it for well over a hundred years.

    It may be a good thing they can never forgive each other. Having roots in all three only makes it easier to believe.