What Now Ms. Hughes?

Posted February 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Who to callThe fossils elected you Party Chair Barbie II, – by one slim vote. The next afternoon Scott Brown dumped you [and us] at the curb like a bad date.

So Kirsten, – what’s your Plan B? Who is your back-up candidate? Do you even know any real Republicans in this state?

ANY registered Republican has until 5 PM on Wed Feb 27th – to turn their 10,000 signatures into the various town halls for certification.

To do that they have to collect a minimum of 435 valid signatures each day. You got a candidate?  You got a plan?

41 39 winner

It’s way tougher to collect 10,000 valid signatures than it is to charm 41 treasonous votes out of fossils. Just ask Ogonowski. He came up short in 2008. And that was in the spring. We’re stuck in the middle of winter – without a candidate or a plan.

Your statement printed in the Herald this morning was inane.

I don’t think there’s pressure to find a name,” new MassGOP chairwoman Kirsten Hughes told the Herald yesterday. “If you think back, Scott Brown wasn’t a name, he was a state senator who worked his way up. I think what GOP candidates have to offer voters in Massachusetts is a fresh face and a new direction, and I think that’s the take-away from our candidates, whether they be a name or not.”

Com’on Kirsten, you’ve had three (3) days to think about it and make phone calls – WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?

Yeah, the SHIT hit the FAN kind’a sudden, didn’t it?

9 Responses to “What Now Ms. Hughes?”

  1. Karen G

    The 41 committee persons who voted in Ms. Hughes make me SICK. The rhinos have successfully infiltrated and destroyed our party. Barbie Lite will FAIL to certify a candidate and Johnny’s seat will remain once again in democrat control.

  2. Sue

    Yes, in democrat control for years to come.

  3. sad4magop

    41 people on the State Committee are not concerned that the MA GOP is a laughing stock.

    Pro-abortion dems are always happy to see the Republican Party looking bad.

  4. Sheryl

    Who does she even know to call?! In her position quite frankly she should be doing something besides putting her thumb in her mouth! Why isn’t she calling Hedlund or O’Connell or Vieira ?!! If she is waiting for the RNC to CYA she is dreaming! Give Rove a call I’m sure he has some Rino that owns property here! And as Brown has put out feelers he is ramping up for governor pushing his biggest ally out of the way… Maybe Baker would take a stab in the dark closet! What a fine mess you have gotten us into Ms Hughes and Mr not qualified for governor Brown!

  5. Sylvester

    Karen G. call them what they really are “Democrat Inflitrators” Rino’s is too nice a name for these people.
    I say the “Disney Queen” comes up with no one. You all seem to forget that the “Barbie Doll” chair trained her. No Candidate and it will make it much easier to call for her resignation…….Let’s hope the conservatives on the State Committee rally one more time and vote her out…….

  6. Marie N.

    When will we sane people ever get a break in this dopey state? I’m sick of being duped by the rino’s. They don’t deserve the hard working repubs. trying to get the right people elected.

  7. Tom

    If you can believe Margery Eagan’s column today, Ms Hughes is so full of herself that she may run for the “People’s Seat”. Better start collecting those signatures Kirsten.

  8. Ben

    All of these candidates saying No to the race is getting pretty embarrasing. It finally looks like someone will step up (Dan Winslow, a Green supporter) but the damage has already been done. A great start for the Hughes administration.

  9. Kojack

    I posted a comment on Eagan’s article about Hughes in the Boston Herald in which I described how she beat Rick Green by one vote and how Judas Brown delayed his announcement not to run for the senate so he could 1st pressure committee members to vote for Hughes…..I got 4 thumbs up and 11 down…..apparantly some people still confuse Republican and Conservative.


    It’s worse than that Kojack – some people confuse Brown with Republican!