What Made These Women SO EVIL?

Posted January 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Killing babies for profit, – and very proud of themselves.
Planned Parenthood Baby Killers
While we await exact 2013 numbers, we anticipate that America’s Abortion Factories killed at least 1,200,000 babies last year, – and roughly 37% of those will prove to be Black.

Thus there can be no more racist institution in America than Planned Parenthood – and their sponsors – the Democratic Party.  Racism by the numbers


Yet strangely, Marty Walz is…grateful?
Marty Walz is grateful

Democratic candidates and the liberal media talk about being “pro-Choice” and the “GOP’s War on Women”; – but the ugly truth is that they have a WAR ON BABIES!  The fact is that “pro-Choice” means pro-KILLING!

Marty Walz grateful for dead babies
Yet these same women are almost always against you owning a gun for self defense,  and they are almost always against the Death Penalty.  Anybody smell hypocrisy?

What made these women so evil?

I wonder if they had an experience as young women – perhaps became pregnant by a man they came to loathe, – and ever since have detested the very idea of babies.

No wonder we can’t get Democrats outraged by dead Americans in Benghazi; – they’re busy killing another baby every 90 seconds!

2 Responses to “What Made These Women SO EVIL?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    These women worship Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. The woman who practiced, through Planned Parenthood Eugenics. Look it up. I’m not good at explaining the thought behind it, but it explains a lot. Radical Marxism is a Faith. Just like Christianity. Just Like Islam. It says that it’s alright to murder babies for the convenience of the mother. Especially if you’re Black or Jewish.