What Made de Blasio Finally Act?

Posted July 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Maybe it was that banner hanging across the Guinea Gangplank, – maybe it was Trump’s offer of sending in enough help to solve the problem, but Mayor de Blasio set the NYPD on Occupy City Hall early Wednesday morning:

Remember,  Black Lives Matter are HIS chosen people,  so we gotta wonder what made the Big Commie sic the cops on them – at 3:30 am… 2 videos:

The fact that most went with minimal resistance could indicate that the real ringleaders had been tipped of from inside City Hall…  Ya think…?

These anti-American (and very anti-White) assholes had been encamped for a month trying to get the City to DEFUND the NYPD. They wanted the cops replaced with ‘Social Workers’ who would respond to 911 calls….  That’s C-O-D-E – for “We don’t want the police arresting Black men when they’re beating up their baby mommas!”

So who was paying for these folks to camp out for a month?

This is the FACE OF E-V-I-L.   If you didn’t know   – you’ve been living under a rock.   Study up,  – he’s been attacking your very existence for decades!

MATH QUIZ:  For a mere $150,000,000.oo,  – using totally expendable young ghetto Blacks and disaffected brainwashed white college dropouts,  – how many cities can Soros simultaneously set afire between now and November 3rd

Soros has a spider web of these “charitable foundations” – like Open Societies and the Tides Foundation,  – and he gets to deduct the money he’s spending to topple our society – from his taxes!!!

Meet Daddy’s bag man….

Learn to follow the MONEY People!   Follow the damned MONEY!

Do you EVER see Joe Biden standing up to Soros?


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