What Lies Will Susan Rice Tell Now?

Posted July 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama is returning from his $100+ Million Dollar African ‘tour’.  While he was over there – Egypt has erupted in anti-Morsi and anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolt.  Obama’s name is being linked to both in the streets.   These are very bad legacy points.
advice from rice
What sage advice can Susan Rice give to her returning boss?

Will she tell him to blame it all on Hillary?  After all, Obama always filings unwanted ‘friends’ under the bus…  

Will she tell him to dump Morsi as he did Mubarak, – and support the Egyptian Generals?

Will she tell him to go over and apologize again…

Will she tell him to blame everything on the unsolved ‘Palestinian issue’?

Will she tell him it increase military aid – or cut it off?

As White House National Security Advisor, Susan Rice has almost the ultimate Affirmative Action job – a job she is vastly under qualified for.  Will she have the courage to tell Obama “I haven’t got a clue!”

Will she have the guts to tell Obama that he looked like a strutting peacock in southern Africa – while seemingly oblivious to events in Egypt?  Has she EVER told the truth?

Obama would like to sweep this thing off the front pages.  But it isn’t going away.
Obama you jerk

Seems he picked the wrong side last year, and the average Egyptian now puts part of the blame directly on him – personally.  They wanted freedom and jobs, not a fascist Muslim Brotherhood regime – fronted by Morsi.

But Obama has never taken the blame – for anything, – ever….

Everything in his life was always somebody else’s fault.  Lately the bad guys are the TEA Party and the Republicans, – and the Keystone Pipeline. And of course Fox News!

The Egyptians have seen through his crap.  Are Democratic voters starting to…?

Egyptians are now dying in the streets because of decisions Obama made last year.  How long before Americans also begin dying because of his stupid and his evil decisions?
Wake up America

Hey Barack, – how’s that HOPE and CHANGE stuff working in Cairo?

3 Responses to “What Lies Will Susan Rice Tell Now?”

  1. CajunCountry

    How can they blame Bush for this one, but they will try.

  2. Casey Chapman

    President Obama is at least indirectly to claim for what has happened in Egypt. I imagine he’s not too happy that his butt buddy got ousted.

  3. Kojack

    “The Egyptians have seen through his crap. Are Democratic voters starting to…?”

    The MASSHOLES and other DUMBOCRAT LIVs will not stop supporting Barry until the Obama phones stop working and they learn the hard way that nothing is free and EVERYTHING has to be paid for by someone at some point.