What Is In Hillary’s Drug Cocktail?

Posted September 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Some Democrats will likely vote for Hillary NO MATTER WHAT!   But before they do, – they should ask serious questions about what’s wrong with her,  how sick she is,  and what are the SIDE EFFECTS of ALL HER MEDICATIONS!

As this clip clearly shows, there are times she’ barely ‘with it’ – in this case barely able to stand and conduct a conversation.
Is this the person you want holding the Nuclear Trigger?

Think of this list:

Prince 2016

Philip Seymour Hoffman 2014

Whitney Houston 2012

Amy Winehouse 2011

Michael Jackson 2009

Anna Nicole Smith 2007

Chris Farley 1997

River Phoenix 1993

Abbie Hoffman 1989

Len Bias 1986

Richard Burton 1984

David Kennedy 1984

Elvis Presley 1977

Bruce Lee 1973

Jimi Hendrix 1970

Judy Garland 1969

Lenny Bruce 1966

Marilyn Monroe 1962

The full list is far longer,  – these are just the best-known personalities who took too many different drugs – some legal, some prescribed, and some illegal – who died way too young.

Hillary is not ‘too young’ by a long shot,  – but the REAL ISSUE is her deteriorating health and the large number of ‘medications’ she seems to be taking daily.

If she were to be elected,  – I doubt she would survive a full 4 years,  and only an utter fool would want Little Timmy to be sworn in…

Note in the Mark Dice clip below – shot from a different angle,  – that her campaign plane is almost totally empty….


Let’s see,…a lifelong habitual and compulsive LIAR,  – likely deathly sick and very possibly DYING,  – with a trail of DEAD BODIES behind her,  – and a Commie Clown as her running mate…..

…her husband still dicking bimbos back home….

…while her health problems can no longer be covered up…


Democrats, PLEASE read the 25th Amendment BEFORE you vote!

2 Responses to “What Is In Hillary’s Drug Cocktail?”

  1. Varvara

    She looks sick. She has a haggard look about her. There is no change in the level of her voice. It sounds as if it is an effort for her to speak

  2. Mt Woman

    Definitely moving towards comatose, talk about understated.