“What If” Questions For Democrats….

Posted October 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Since last November 9th352 long days ago,  Democrats have been in shock, – in denial,  – and seething in anger that Hillary is not their President, – and that their hated Donald Trump – IS!

So we have a few question for die-hard Democrats and Clintonistas….

What would Hillary have done differently from Obama,  – to turn the fight and bring about the defeat of ISIS across Iraq and Syria…?

What would the so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” have done to thwart the nuclear ambitions of Kim Jong-un…?   Note that her “Chief Political Strategist” was the very same man who went with her husband to North Korea to ‘negotiate’ in 2009…

This past week the Stock Market has posted record highs

What would it have done in 350 days under President Hillary – with her anti-energy and anti-business policies?

Exactly WHO would Hillary have named as SecState,  Attorney General,  and to the Supreme Court?  Who would she have named as UN Ambassador…?

How many illegal immigrant Muslims and Mexicans would have flooded into the USA in these past 352 days,…with President Hillary standing at the gate in Tijuana waiving them in…?

With ObamaCare crumbling and state exchanges bankrupt, – how much more taxpayer money would President Hillary thrown into the pit?

How could Hillary – who took MILLION$ of their MONEY – have brought the Muslim nations together in Saudi Arabia to listen to her anti-terrorism speech?

They know she enabled the creation and arming of ISIS!

How would she have commanded the respect of the Poles in Warsaw?

Finally,  as the 1-year anniversary of Hillary’s Humiliating Defeat nears,  – how much longer will you Democrats cling to your Socialist Dreams of a “perfect world” – run by Hillary Clinton…?

Will you EVER acknowledge her lifetime of criminal behavior?

For four (4) long years the Democrats and their media partners worked hard to rig the Election of 2016 for Hillary,  – to follow the “1st Black President” with the “1st Woman President”….

They picked the wrong woman!    PERIOD!

She is flawed, inept, and visibly corrupt!   The American People saw it clearly,  despite the Media Smoke Screen.

To soothe your anguish….

3 Responses to ““What If” Questions For Democrats….”

  1. Leonard Mead

    UHhhh —

    if Hillary had won maybe NFL millionaires would be standing for our National Anthem?

    And maybe lesbian female interns would be getting more sex in DC?

    Just guessing.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Panther 6

    We, our nation and the world dodged a real bullet by electing President Trump. Hillary is a vile, foul mouthed woman who has no sense of honor or loyalty except to money and herself. She is a criminal but her past role as First Lady will protect her from prison till she passes from the scene.

  3. Kojack

    “…..her past role as First Lady will protect her from prison till she passes from the scene.”

    I wish someone would give her some “assistance”.