What Factors Connect These Deaths?

Posted February 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Two unattended ‘heart attacks’,  – a random late-nite street mugging,  – and a ‘suicide’?

All these men had either pissed off the Left,  – or actually exposed and endangered their evil plans.

Andrew Breitbart   March 2012
Had just promised “This year we’ll VET him!”
Age 43   Heart attack just after CPAC?

Antonin Scalia   Feb 2016
Age 79   for 30 years the conservative soul of the Supreme Court.
Heart attack while on vacation in Texas?

Seth Rich   July 2016
Computer Geek for the Democrat Party
Age 26   gunshots on a DC Sidewalk, – mugging gone wrong?

Philip Haney   Feb 2020
Had exposed how Obama had aided and abetted Islamic jihad here and abroad,  – explained to the media how Obama could have prevented the Pulse nightclub massacre.
Age 66   Alleged suicide on a lonely desert road.

We all know how much we can trust our FBI to do a thorough investigation…

This is the stuff of a Tom Clancy novel….(died 2013).

One Response to “What Factors Connect These Deaths?”

  1. MC

    Taking this one step further:

    Breitbart: Corner’s technician died the same day autopsy result became public from arsenic poisoning.

    Scalia: No autopsy – pillow over the face — had dismissed security detail.

    Rich: Mugging: with $2K cash in wallet (nothing taken), shot in the back. Download speeds indicated the DNC server was copied to flash drive.

    Haney: Told friends if anything happened it wasn’t suicide.

    What do these things have in common? Threatened the Swamp!.