What Died In The 5 AM Fire?

Posted January 11th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Ashley Turton

I’ll risk being called a ghoul because this story just doesn’t smell right.  A beautiful blonde Washington lobbyist [married to a key White House staffer] heads off to a VERY important day of work at 4:30 AM, – starts backing her BMW out of the garage, – and suddenly there is a fire?   The fire department has the fire out by 5 AM.  Only THEN they discover her charred body?

This story has too many moving parts.  It’s going to smolder for awhile.  I think it will end up on the Obamacide scorecard.

At 37 Ashley Turton was an ass-kicking DC lobbyist.  A Raleigh, NC girl, she was a seasoned political veteran of the Kerry presidential campaign, she’d worked for two North Carolina governors Jim Hunt and Mike Easley, and been a congressional aide and chief of staff to Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro.  Yesterday she was working for $10 Billion electric utility company, Raleigh, NC based Progress Energy.

 And she was married to Dan Turton, a rising star in the Obama White House.  Dan hails from Bangor, Maine and worked nine years for Richard Gephardt.  He then became a lobbyist before returning to the Pelosi Congress as a staffer on the House Rules Committee.


He joined the Obama Cartel in 2009 as Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs working under Phil Schiliro.  Phil worked for über-liberal California Representative Henry Waxman before being drafted by the incoming Obama cartel.  Phil is moving up to be a Deputy Chief of Staff.

Dan knows his way around the House of Representatives.  He is largely credited for doing the grunt work that got both the $800 Billion Stimulus Bill and the $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout bills through the house.

The Turdons bought their home in the 800 block of A Street Southeast in 2003, paying $826K.  A lot of house for a congressional staffer?

Monday was a BIG day for Progress Energy.  They were being acquired for $13 Billion by local rival Duke Energy.  Ashley would most likely been part of the team to smooth and guide the deal past the various government agencies who have to bless it.  So she left for work vic 4:45 AM, and burned to death in her garage.

She leaves behind three kids, twins 4 and a 2-year old.

A simple accident backing out of a garage,  or Obamacide?  What could Ashley have known that somebody didn’t want public?  To whom might she have been a threat?

I’m thinking that Obama has a fetish-like focus on energy companies.  I’m seeing a big wad of cash and stock change hands here.  I’m thinking Ashley was privy to every frustration and triumph of her insider hubby.  This couple knew deep insider secrets.

I’m thinking how many people burn to death backing out of their garage at 4:45 AM, on a day when the nation’s press is totally preoccupied and transfixed on the Tucson shootings?  Never let a good crisis go to waste?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that rather than trying to connect Jared Loughner to Republicans or TEA Parties,  the press should look at this death and start connecting the dots.  I doubt the DC Police Department will bother, and I think somebody is counting on that.

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “What Died In The 5 AM Fire?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Iron Mike,
    I must admit that conspiratorial minds think alike. I had a similar thought and was frankly waiting for the blog. This story has had very little press by our cracker jack “investigative” media. How many Beemers have blown up recently? Was there an incendiary device? Is there an ongoing arson investigation? There are “ways” to make this look like an “accident”. The timing was just too fortuitious. Let’s see if this tragedy has more legs. My guess, we won’t see it again. File under “Possible Obamacide”.

  2. Rabid Republican

    This was the first thought I had on hearing this. How could one not think this? What causes a BMW to spontaneously combust so quickly that the driver can’t escape? There’s nothing in a car that can cause this kind of instant destruction… at least nothing put there by the manufacturer. rr

  3. DaveA

    Reading up on this, and the other that was found in the dump, something in DC isn’t right. This story makes no sense at all, rapid fire, and she couldn’t just go in reverse out of it? This certainly stinks of murder big time. The merger may not be the only possibility for motive either, in fact it could be just flack from the real reason.

    I am surprised we don’t get more news on both these cases, I know Giffords is in the lime light but obviously the media is told to tone this down. Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with these three.

  4. ModerateNobody

    Perhaps this had nothing to do with Obama, or Washington D.C.

    Maybe it involved her former jobs with state government. North Carolina’s S.B.I. crime lab is in the hot seat for practices dating back to when Easley took the Attorney General’s position.

    And then there were employment connections in Connecticut and the immediate position and inside knowledge of the power companies involved in the merger.

    Why be so quick to judge?

    It reads like a professional mob style hit. The question is, who ordered it and why? What did she know that caused her to be permanently silenced?