What Did You Do Dawud, – And WHY?

Posted May 29th, 2015 by Iron Mike

LA cops and ATF agents arrested a mystery man  – 56-year-old Dawud Abdulwali yesterday  – and charged him with arson for the December 8th Da Vinci fire.
Dawud Abdulwali  Da Vinci Fire
Seems they have video of ~ someone ~ carrying cans of gasoline to the 4th floor of the unfinished apartment complex,…which burned taking a city building with it – to a combined total of $90 Million.  So who is Dawud?

Details are still sketchy but he appears to have lived in at least 11 towns:  Las Vegas,  Redondo Beach,  Tarzana,  Glendale,  Tujunga,  Northridge,  Rialto,  Winnetka,  Woodland Hills,  Lakewood and Cypress.  Nothing illegal there….

But he’s used a lot of names:  Ron Asmit, Edward Embalsado, Richard Logan, John Kim, – and two female names – Angela Boyed and Susan Lopez.   Will cops start looking at him for identity thief too…?

Da Vinci Fire

I’m thinking this was either insurance arson, – environmental terrorism, – or a practice run for something much bigger in the way of Islamic terrorism.

Just imagine if this had been an occupied building…

We note from his photo that Dawud likes chains. Good!  I don’t think too many folks will pony up the $1,000,000.oo bail he’s being held on….  Dawud, are those LA cops treating you OK…?

2 Responses to “What Did You Do Dawud, – And WHY?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This could have been just practice or a precursor of things to come in one of the many urban areas where the police have been put on notice by the DOJ and the Obama Administration. The latest statistics show that in these cities from coast to coast arrest are down significantly, not because of the drop in crime, on the contrary, crime is up and arrests are down. This is a perfect blueprint for a long hot Summer when the urban thugs or perhaps the Islamoterrorits have their insidious plan. The many conspiratorial theorists can make hay with this scenario.

  2. Walter Knight

    Just one more turd that needs to be flushed down the toilet.