What Did Tom Suozzi REALLY Imply?

Posted March 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It was a Democrat love-fest in Huntington, Long Island.  Freshman Democrat Congressman Tom Suozzi was fielding questions from die-hard Democrats – including one about “stopping Trump”….

He answered that what was needed was public pressure,  – then the courts,  – and then the “2nd Amendment Solution”.
Was he speaking in theoretical terms,  – or was he hoping for an assassination?  Brief video….

What’s really shocking is that the middle-aged woman who asked about “stopping Trump” – – is so stupid she didn’t understand what the 2nd Amendment was about….. Hillary voter for sure!

Listen and decide for yourself – – was Mister Suozzi just being flip?   Was he explaining why we have the 2nd Amendment (and calling Trump a tyrant in the same breath), – – or after meeting with Democrat plant life for over an hour…was he simply too tired to give a thoughtful answer….to a woman who gets her news from MSNBC?

Here is the Facebook video of the ENTIRE town hall meeting.   The 2nd Amendment crack comes at about 1 hour 10 minutes:


FYI:   Pronounced:  SWAH-zee

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  1. MC

    If you or I had made that comment does anyone have any doubt that there would be black suvs in our driveway?