What Did Kneepads Discuss With The Cowards?

Posted July 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

They are in DC because they don’t want to vote on the Texas voter reform bill that will make it easier to vote,  – but harder to cheat.   Kamala is there because China Joe needs a life insurance policy (like he was for Obama).

When they sat down together do you suppose Kamala was interested in discussing voting integrity in Texas?

Or,..maybe border security and that flood of illegals pouring into South Texas?

Or energy independence and the Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industries?

How long did it take the Texas Cowards to figure out the White House “conference” was all about them being props for Kneepads;  – and she doesn’t give a flying #uck about anything in Texas,  – other than those 38 electoral votes….?

As these Texas Democraps got their first up-close look at Kneepads, – were they filled with pride? 

Or a growing sense of dread?

As they were being used,  – could they envision a scary future for Texas and the Free World?

At RRB we wonder:  Did Kneepads go for a scheduled checkup at Walter Reed today?   

Or for a quick check to see if she’d just caught Covid?

Or,  was she checking on China Joe’s future accommodations?

One Response to “What Did Kneepads Discuss With The Cowards?”

  1. Kojack

    I thought she went for a routine check-up? Would we have learned if she tested positive? Just DUMMYCRAPS being DUMMYCRAPS.