What DID Janet Yellen Talk About?

Posted January 29th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The FED, banking, stock trading, hedge funds, short selling, leverage, gaming companies…?

As always with Democraps,  the media comes out days too late with the questions about a candidate’s various conflicts of interests and loyalties.

Since Yellen was just confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury on Wednesday,  China Joe is wondering if his crooked son Hunted can get one of her speaking gigs this year…..  Hunter knows how to move money around!

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UPDATE:  Sat AM 30 Jan 2021  Sadly, this story gets much worse….

At RRB we have to ponder two possibilities:

These companies were willing to toss million$ at people who were out of power,  – on the mere chance they’d occupy key positions in a future administration…?

OR:    Did these companies ALREADY KNOW that the election of 2020 was going to be rigged,  – that the voting machines would be programmed to change Trump votes into whoever was the Democrat candidate…..?

Was this bribery in ADVANCE of the 2020 Election?

If the plot is that sick and that grand,  – then bit players will have to start dying to tie up the loose ends and safeguard the inner sanctum!

Remember:  they hate Trump because he couldn’t be bribed,  blackmailed,  or threatened.

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