What Constitution Did Judge Crenshaw Read?

Posted November 15th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The issue before the Court is a new Tennessee law prohibiting schools from masking young children.  The Teacher’s Unions want the masks,  – it means more docile kids and it gives them another tool to bully and bludgeon both kids and their parents.   Stalinism! 
Here at RRB,  we’ve read our Constitution a few times,  – and we can’t recall anywhere in it that it gives the Federal Government power over school kids,  – and in particular to order that they wear useless masks all day in schools.
What ‘Constitution’  did Crenshaw study at Vanderbilt?

“Given the alleged conflict and the possible confusion this creates for schools in Tennessee,  pending an expedited hearing,  the parties shall maintain the STATUS QUO as it pertains to students with disabilities and their federally guaranteed rights as of Thursday, November 11, 2021, prior to the effective date of Tennessee Code Annotated § 14-2-104.”

There doesn’t seem any confusion to us.  Crenshaw is an early AA/EEO grad of Vanderbilt,  – undergrad and law school, – and was appointed to the Court by Obama in 2015.

Crenshaw has just proven how well suited he is in that role.

Screw the kids – right Crenshaw?  They can’t vote.   Just placate the Teacher’s Unions!

Come next November,  Democraps are going to learn that there are ~ way ~ more parents and grandparents – than union teachers!

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  1. Kojack

    When I go into Market Basket here in MASSHOLE, I see that, excluding the staff, 40-45% of the people in there are wearing the face diapers. I never realized that the percentage of MORONS in our society was that high. I’m going to augment my wage by selling bridges and CV-19 butt plugs.