What Blacks Get From Democrats: Slavery!

Posted August 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Lives experienced in half-measure – always waiting for pan scrapings and table scraps,  in exchange for selling their souls at the ballot box every two years.
Obama took Black votes
Most Black American voters today cannot bring themselves to speak openly about their disappointment and inner anger at the utter failure of their “First Black President” to do any single thing to improve their lives…. He came, he ranted, he smiled, – he took their votes, put on his tuxedo, and never looked back….

.he didn’t even bother to take Black inner city kids to caddy for him when he played golf. He just couldn’t be bothered,….with getting any black dirt under his shoes….

Obama Golf

Even when he came to a funeral in Charleston, – he came as THE MASTER, – not as one of the Parish.

Obama in Charleston

I have some very strong words for Black American Voters!

CAUTION!  Many folks won’t like what I’m about to say – but it needs saying, – while there’s still time….

Black Americans:   Democrats have been fucking you for 300 years – long before they actually organized the political party to safeguard slavery.

Yes,  FUCKING YOUhaving sex with your young women,  – then selling the half-breed offspring as household servants on the slave market.  It went on for several hundred years.

Today your young women sell themselves – either for ‘love’ at age 13, 14, and 15 to some young stud in the ‘hood; – – or on the street corner for $10 – $30 – enough for a fix.

What has the Democrat Party done to stop this?


They provide Birth Control, – or free abortions, – and lenient sentences for street crime…and the shit continues,…with the next generation of teenage prostitutes hitting the curbs in 13 years….

And like clockwork,…every two years,…they want you to vote….

If Obama or Hillary cared about your future, where have they been for the past 8 years?

Face it, – to Obama, to Hillary, and to your average Democrat politician,…

…young Black girls are no different,  – no more important that are the goats the Arabs fuck, and milk, and butcher for meat and hides….


IF YOU’RE BLACK AND READING THIS…let me give you some perspective…

I’m a 72+ year old white guy, – long-time soldier, – combat veteran, – and survivor of the Truman,  LBJ, Carter, Clinton and now the Obama administrations….

As a pre-school kid we played with the 11 Black kids who lived down the road from us every damned day – in and out of each other’s homes from sun-up until well after dark.

We didn’t know about race at 4 and 5 years old….

I lived through the Black Panther turmoil in the late 50s and the 60s,  – watched race riots tear apart campuses and major cities,  – and watched in disbelief as a president, then his brother, then George Wallace and MLK Jr were all murdered.

The Black response to King’s murder was to burn down their own towns,  – some never to be rebuilt.

And every two years they faithfully believed the Democrats and turned out like obedient sheep to vote for their slave masters….

When I returned from Vietnam in ’72,  I was turned down for many jobs that I was FULLY QUALIFIED FOR,  – but where the hiring managers told me they HAD TO HIRE either a woman or a minority….

This was the state of AA/EEO under Nixon across the Deep South,…and I was damned lucky to get a job on the torrid hot floor of a can plant in central Georgia….just as local yokel Jimmy Carter was being elected.

By the 1980s race relations were getting better.  People stopped telling racial jokes in public,  and more Black faces began appearing in customer service and management positions.  There was real upward mobility,  and under Reagan you could FEEL IT!

Unless you looked in America’s inner cities,…where Democrat Politics was thriving,  and the old games were being played. 

By now Democrats had recruited a whole generation of Uncle Toms – to be their front people.

It meant that white Democrats didn’t have to venture into the bad neighborhoods of Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Philly, NYC, Washington and Atlanta;  – they had eager young Black Ward Captains ready to do it….

In places like New York City it meant that for years – Mayors like Wagner, Lindsay, Beame, Koch and Dinkins never had to get their shoes or their hands dirty,  – just make a couple of photo-op appearances in October, – and let the Ward Captains go out and tell the lies….

It worked – until the murder rates were through the roof…

and then in NYC it took Rudy Giuliani 8 years to clean it up, – and people quickly got so comfortable they threw it out the window by electing Bloomberg,…and now De Blasio

But after Nixon opened China,  and Clinton opened Mexico,  and liberal Democrats were screaming about “those awful belching smokestacks”,   – nothing could keep jobs in America’s big cities.

Why would any American manufacturer put up with growing Black drug addiction and absenteeism,  – when the Chinese Army would guarantee a work force at their stations faithfully by 7 AM each day – and no unions….?

But Blacks kept voting for the Party of Empty Promises and EBT Cards….and free abortions,….

And they kept sending their kids to inner city schools staffed by AA/EEO union teachers – some barely literate themselves, who didn’t speak correct English – they spoke Ghettoese

And by the 1980s Black mothers were giving their kids fake African-sounding names – guaranteeing that when they reached working age – they were easily identified on job applications both by their Ghetto Name, – and their inability to complete simple sentences.

Slowly but surely jobs began going to immigrants – Mexicans, Vietnamese, Indians, Arabs, even real Africans….

Slowly but surely America’s Black Ghetto dwellers were being squeezed into a modern inner-city voter plantation, where they were made dependent on government handouts.

.and STILL they kept voting for Democrats…..like Black Robots!

AND,…in 2008 came Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. – who promised HOPE and CHANGE,…but who had no record of ever doing anything,…anywhere….

Blacks didn’t give a FUCK!   HE WAS B-L-A-C-K-!

Eight years later they don’t have much to show for it, – except that race relations have slid backward to some point in the late 1950s….

…and Obama has a retirement home waiting for him in Hawaii…..

Now, after 55 years, I am old, – and most Blacks are no better off than the day I graduated high school…. But a LOT more of them are drug-addicted and in prison.

And STILL Democrats expect them to vote for their new savior – HILLARY!

And many will obediently do it!


There were reasons why plantation owners sold off excess slaves.  The Plantation could only feed a given number of people,  – so extra slaves were sold for cash.

That is happening NOW in our inner cities:  Excess slaves are encouraged to abort babies,  – allowed to use killer drugs,  – and are sent to prison.

And if they kill each other in the city streets by the dozens each month, – well,…[shrug] “at least they won’t breed”...

467 killed in Chicago

You think for a minute Rahm Emanuel, Obama or Hillary care?  Why are they blaming “GUNS”?….

Democrats have always known how to keep certain populations in check,  – even as they imported foreign workers…

Once it was the Irish, the Italians, the Poles,…whoever was desperate,…and cheap…

With Carter it was the Vietnamese and the Cambodians….

Now it is Mexicans and Muslims…..

As Black voters keep voting for their slave masters, – they pretty much guarantee their children – the ones who survive the street violence – of living as a forgotten minority – locked in inner-city poverty for another 200 years, – just as American Indians live in drunken poverty on Indian reservations,…wards of the Government!

Black Women for Sale

I hope I’ve pissed you off enough to start THINKING!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

BTW:    Before you write an angry comment,  – go google my commander from Vietnam,  my friend General James F. Hamlet, – a true American combat hero of HUGE stature.

Then ask yourselves why so little has been written about this man,…when so much gets written about Black sports figures,  rap stars, and whores.

Are your views of Black History being manipulated?

6 Responses to “What Blacks Get From Democrats: Slavery!”

  1. John

    Wow, if only this could be published nationwide
    Thank you!

  2. Mt Woman

    Truer words were never spoken–for you deniers of reality–open your eyes!

  3. Panther 6

    Sadly BHO has set back race relations in this country at least 60 years and it is only getting worse. The demorats put them on the NEW plantation and with free things are hell bent to keep them there and voting demorat.

  4. FLICK

    These needs to go ‘viral’ as technology now calls it.

    In 1955 I was scolded for using the ‘colored’ fountain on the Pocohontas ferry boat from Kiptokeke Beach to Little Creek crossing the Chesapeake. “We use the ‘White Only’ fountain!” I had to ask “what’s the difference?”

    During my formative years since that incident race relations eased. JFK and the riots happened, and my parents quickly dropped the prejudices that were handed down by their parents and the Democrat standards.

    When Mr./Mrs. rrb and I were teens we enjoyed a free public swimming pool situated next to the ‘colored’ area which was shared with minorities. We all swam and enjoyed harmony, I cannot remember a single confrontation in the many years that we went almost daily.

    In my active Navy career in 1970-72 we lived in close quarters with minorities. We were all brothers, with a common goal of getting back to civilian life with no change in our outlook and health. Again every day was filled with harmony, NO scuffles or fights; we learned to all respect each other and adapt to any differences. We learned about each other’s cultures.

    This POS-in-chief has reset my country back to the days of those ‘colored’ fountains. Instead of fountains, it’s now cop killing, and drug-related violence.

    It can never be the same as it was prior to today. Since there are more takers than makers now we’ve lost control.

    God help my country.

  5. Sherox

    Growing up where I did, there were people of every race and color and I grew up with that and I didn’t know “any better” that one should treat “different people differently.” People are people. That is the way it should be.

  6. MC

    I grew up in a very small town but the message that was ingrained in all of us was “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. We helped our friends, neighbors and others that passed through our lives.

    Think what this country would be like if those ideals were still practiced by the majority.