What A Tangled Web We Weave…..

Posted November 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Just exactly what our troubled State Police don’t need right now;  – questions about the integrity of their command structure.

What started out as a simple traffic accident investigation has snowballed into a Trooper suing the State Police,  – and a scandal getting nationwide attention.

7:35 PM  Monday, October 16th – Interstate 190 – Alli Bibaud crashed her vehicle – and in time Trooper Ryan Sceviour arrived to assist.

He smelled alcohol,…observed Alli in a grog,…and saw a heroin kit, – so he began the arrest procedures.

Whereupon Alli pleaded with him to ignore the heroin – saying “…do you know how many blowjobs I had to do to get that…?” [gross!]

Then she offered a blowjob to Trooper Sceviour,  – and he wrote the whole gross episode down on his arrest report.

And two days later he was ordered to report to the Holden Barracks – to re-write the arrest – to scrub the lurid details – because the young lady’s father is a sitting judge. The orders came from the Colonel and Executive Secretary Daniel Bennett…….

Was somebody telling the truth at that moment – or was the Lieutenant just exaggerating for dramatic effect? 

Why did Major Susan Anderson go along with ordering the re-write? 

At what level does honor STOP,  and politics take over?

After a series of lackluster and corrupt State Police commanders,  – we at RRB had high hopes for Colonel Richard McKeon

We can be thankful that Trooper Sceviour takes his job and his sworn OATH seriously.  He’s filed a lawsuit.  He didn’t appreciate being disciplined for making a righteous arrest and writing a complete and accurate report.

So now Charlie Baker has to figure out how high in the food chain Judge Bibaud reached – and who ordered the scrubbed report.   Unless,…Charlie already knows….

And of course – always ready to grab some TV Camera time,  our gun-grabbing Attorney General lesbian Maura Healey has jumped on the case…..

.just exactly what the State Police DON’T need – another Clown in the circus!

Hey Judge Timothy Bibaud,  that’s quite the handful you’ve raised there….

Your next Law School Reunion should be exciting….  Holy Cross will be impressed too.  Will they let you keep coaching Women’s Golf?

UPDATE:  Tuesday 14 Nov 2017   Heads keep rolling….

Guilty plea today….



5 Responses to “What A Tangled Web We Weave…..”

  1. John 'Ben' Beninati

    All just opened up another can of worms. I’m sure her family will be proud.
    I can’t help feeling sorry for them but something usually goes wrong with the privileged ,

  2. Kojack

    It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘HOLD IT HEALEY’ prosecuted Trooper Sceviour. Kudos to him for trying to do the right thing here in MOONBAT MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS.

  3. Panther 6

    Not living up there this incident seems far from the norm but it happens all over the country. In this case doing the correct and ethical thing seems to have escaped the MA leadership except for one young trooper. Good on him,shame on the rest. The judge needs to relook at the Ethics class he took in college. Surely he had at least one ethics class. His daughter made her own mess, let her swim in it.

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    The Massachusetts courts especially Probate need to be re done from the ground up. They are corrupt. What happened to the Ware Report? The State police are just as bad as the Brown shirts in Hittlers Germany. Corrupt politicians, Judges, Cops.

  5. Mt Woman

    This is a prime example of the crime being worse than the cover-up. Had everything just played out as it should, Alli Babaud possibly would have gotten some needed rehab and or jail time to help her prioritize good from evil. Alli is in deep trouble with her addictions and her family is needed to intervene in her life or to allow justice to hopefully make her hit rock bottom. Her case would have been a blip in a news cycles, most citizens would be none the wiser of what happened on Rt 190 in Worcester. But, because of the plan to cover-up, two honest troopers have been identified and hopefully emulated by others in uniform–while those with rank and privilege have been shown to be prejudiced by political payback. Heads are only beginning to roll!!