What’s Next After “Health Care Reform”?

Posted December 11th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Morning Americans,

Most of you are busy doing Christmas shopping,  planning little trips over the holidays,  and just starting to worry about doing your 2009 income tax.   We’re well aware that a few of you are worried about those end-of-the-year pink slips.  Our pResident has done nothing to reassure investors that our economic future is on solid ground.   His plan to re-spend the $200 billion in returned TARP money instead of paying down the deficit  as the law directs, means he has no problem playing sleight-of-hand with taxpayer BILLIONS. 

We’ve watched in horrified awe these past eleven months as the progressives and socialists in Congress bulldoze us into “single-payer health care” – aka National Socialized Medicine based on all the failed European models.  Every month there was a deadline, a crisis, a sleazy deal [Senator Mary Landrieu’s $300 Million Bribe], and a new set of code words.  They want this deal done by Obama’s first State of the Union address, and if Joe Lieberman’s threatened filibuster gets in the way, – I expect him to be Obamacided.

So I was thinking, – what are the next steps on their socialist ladder?   I’m thinking Nationalized Auto Insurance,  Nationalized Homeowners Insurance, Nationalized Life Insurance, Nationalized 401K plans and Nationalized Pension Plans! 


1918Just ~ think ~ of all those obscene profits that State Farm makes!! Disgusting!  If Obama can just nationalize the insurance companies into a “single payer system”, then he can adjust the rates and force you into a Prius – or a goat cart.  He can charge LOTS extra for trips over 15 miles, – oops – there goes the Travel Industry.  Oh well, hotels and motels can become government-run warehouses for the elderly. 

solar-panels-roof1By nationalizing your homeowner’s insurance company, he can dictate how expensive a home you can afford to live in.  Do you really need three bedrooms?  Do you have the required solar panels on your roof yet?  Has your recycling plan been approved in the last six months?

And why do some people have so much life insurance, while others never have any?  In a country this wealthy is that really fair?   Everybody should have that benefit, – and really,  who needs $300,000 in life insurance, – when the government is providing for your widow and orphans?  Absolutely bourgeois!  Obscene!

Same for Pensions and 401K plans.  Why should people with jobs get retirement incomes when those who never had a job get nothing?  There’s a way to get “social justice” for those who never worked – nationalize those obscene plans, and spread that wealth around! 

So Americans, – if you’ve become a bit numb by the health care reform “debates”,  – you were expected to.  That’s exactly the way Obama wants you – numb and inert.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “What’s Next After “Health Care Reform”?”

  1. MC

    Excellent Article. I fear that you are right and we are galloping toward the cliff like lemmings waiting (begging in some cases) to get pushed over. It is time that we pass laws that hold OUR elected officials accountable. If it was you or I working in the private sector making promises as they do and didn’t back them up, we would have been given a pink slip long ago. But for some reason, our elected officials can campaign on promises(lies) they don’t plan to keep, don’t keep them and still get paid vacations, staff, expenses, air travel and on and on and on. And all you hear the media say is that is how it is done in Washington.

    I never could figure out why Millionaires (237 presently in congress) would pay BIG BUCKS of their own money to be elected and then work for 180K. It must be all the money, perks and under the table contracts that are flowing from somewhere that doesn’t get reported.

    The lies & unkept campaign promises have got to stop, but we can’t stop them as it would take an act of Congress to change the law and who is in congress …. so it goes round and round and round. And they wonder why the American people are angry. !!!!

    Great Blog Thanks for all your hard work.