Well Earned? Or Just “Obama Stars”?

Posted July 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

4 star admiral Michelle HowardMeet Admiral Michelle Howard – Vice-Chief of Naval Operations, – the 2nd highest ranking officer in the Navy!

At 54,  her 32-year navy career is a list of firsts: – first in her academy class to command a ship [USS Rushmore], – first to make Rear Admiral, first 3-star, first 4-star….

Her chief claim to fame was that in 2009 – as commander of a counter-piracy task force aboard USS Boxer, – she ‘coordinated by radio’ the rescue of Captain Phillips held by Somali pirates.

USS Rushmore
We at RRB truly wish Admiral Howard calm seas and smooth sailing.

We truly hope that at each step of her career she was really the most qualified officer for command and promotion.

howard's fast promotions

And if that was the case, – she will carry the extra burden of knowing that –  at least since 2009, – folks will always wonder if she is wearing her stars – or “Obama stars”, – and wonder if more seasoned and qualified officers were pushed aside or retired early to make room for her.

Because given the number of officers who have commanded aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyer squadrons, atomic submarines, and air wings,….

~ somehow ~ it seems a little far-fetched for a 1-time dock-driver to suddenly be Vice-CNO….

Sure seems like a lot of ribbons on her chest,…for someone who’s never been shot at… Just sayin’….

CNO Admiral GreenertWith 2½ years to go – might Obama name her to replace the current CNO – Admiral Jonathan “Jon” Greenert?

After all, that venerable old sub driver has been CNO since September 2011….

CNO Greenert and Obama at Academy Graduation

UPDATE:    Friday 18 March 2016   It gets worse….    Obama is rumored to be about to name Howard as Commander US Naval Forces Europe – thus sticking it to our weakened European allies as well as our own US Navy.

Only a community organizer would think it proper that someone who only briefly captained a sea-going ferry boat – be in direct charge of so much sea power. But…Black Faces Matter….

The Rushmore will go down in Naval History as “the ship that launched Obama’s Black Female Admiral”

8 Responses to “Well Earned? Or Just “Obama Stars”?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    As you might expect, similar thoughts crossed my mind but they would be categorized as racist and, perish the thought, sexist. For Obama for every action there is a specific reason and in some cases a not so equal and opposite reaction. In this case, only time will tell.

  2. lonnie brennan

    So Obama promoted a black woman. What’s the big deal?
    DeLeo recomended jobs for cronies. What’s the big deal?

    I mean, it’s only taxpayer money. It’s only national security.

    Obama cares nothing for either.
    He’s encouraging, promoting, orchestrating an invasion of our nation.

    When will he wake up?

    Correction, when will the STUPID LIBERAL WHITE WOMEN soccer moms wake up?

    Perhaps when little Muffy is sitting in 9th grade with a 20+ year old South American gangster…

  3. Laslo Fripp

    Hey, guys, lighten up! Admiral Howard is a military brat. Her father was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. She was born at March AFB (remember that?).

    She’s married to a retired Marine. Making admiral after going to Canoe U is not that unusual. We’re a bunch of old fogeys who can’t get our arms around the notion of women in the military in line jobs.

    Yes, I do find it disconcerting, but she’s playing the system, just like we all do.

  4. Hawk1776

    We will never know why she was promoted. However, regardless of sex or race one doesn’t become an Admiral nowadays without merit. Frankly I won’t be saddened when the Commandant of the Marine Corps heads out to pasture. Of course his replacement could be worse.

  5. Panther 6

    Well I am not sure what to say. Good points by all but my two cents worth supports the blog masters comment to the effect, “What no Carrier or Nuc Sub Drivers ranked ahead of this person????? Also the slim possibility that her race and sex played a hand could rear its head. Frr the Navy’s sake, I hope she is as good as the four stars may indicate.

    As far as the statement that these days one does not make Admiral without MERIT needs a re look. Today making flag rank sadly means you are playing the correct political game. Just my midget opinion.



    Having known you in peace and war for over HALF a CENTURY, – you were never and will never be a ‘midget’. You Sir – are a GIANT! [Albeit a very modest one…Sir!]

  6. Hannah

    The assumption that a woman hasn’t earned her promotion because her career path isn’t that of a male counter part is absurb. Women with true combat opportunities are rare and cronism should work for for both sexes.
    Now we have a black female being promoted. Hard to swallow?
    I hope she was the most qualified and would be satified with equally qualified. if so, she worked for that rank.
    Get over it.
    As for getting shot at….when was that a requirement for getting promoted? If so, NONE of my male counterparts would have been promoted.

  7. Kojack

    I’m sure Admiral Howard is at least as qualified for her job as Obysmal is for his.

  8. Hawk1776

    There is no doubt about this one:

    LtGen Robinson“The Pentagon announced this week that Air Force Lt. Gen. Lori J. Robinson has been nominated for promotion to four-star general and as commander of Pacific Air Forces”

    “Gen. Robinson was nominated amid a diversity push by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and a general focus on women’s issues by the White House”.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/17/air-force-command-nominee-is-1st-woman-non-pilot/#ixzz37q2KVqh8
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