Weld: New Hairdo, Same Old RiNO!

Posted February 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There isn’t an honest bone in his body, nor a Republican value he won’t find a way to betray…. His biggest problem is that he’s always felt he was the smartest guy in the room, – even when he was hammered.

He was at Saint Anselm’s in NH Friday to announce his ‘Exploratory Committee’ – and he harked back to the glory days of Clinton, – and bragged about helping draft NAFTA….  Yeah,  Weld hates Trump! Video (if you can stomach it):

Remember this is the former Massachusetts governor who QUIT,  – because Clinton had named him Ambassador to Mexico,…but he never got THAT job because Senator Jesse Helms blocked the needed committee vote.

In 1990 Weld ran for Governor to replace the hated Michael Dukakis and defeated the one-armed John Silber 50:47.  Then in 1994 he defeated Mark Roosevelt to be reelected by 71:28. 

That made his head so fat he considered running for president in 1996,  but settled for challenging Senator John Kerry – only to lose by 53:45.

It was the following July – 1997 – that Clinton enticed him out of the Corner Office with his nomination to be an Ambassador.

In 2007 Weld was a major backer of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign,  – until Romney was pushed out by John McCain.  Bitter and spiteful,  in 2008 Weld endorsed Obama.

In 2012 Weld was back and endorsed Romney’s pathetic attempt to unseat Obama.

In 2016 Weld endorsed fellow RiNO John Kasich, – but THEN went on to run himself as the VP sidekick to Libertarian Gary Johnson. They got just 3.3% of the popular vote.

If you can stomach it,  listen as he bashes Trump, – and at 32:29 when he admits that if he should lose the GOP Nomination he will not support Trump.

Then goes on at 35:22 to say “I’ve got a boy’s regular haircut to start with…”.

QUESTION:  With his long history of disloyalty to Republican and Conservative causes,  – how does this back-stabbing RiNO still have a following?

7 Responses to “Weld: New Hairdo, Same Old RiNO!”

  1. Jack M

    I was boarding a flight to London about 5 years ago and Bill Weld was just ahead of me in line at the gate. He had a black eye, could barely stand without holding on to something, and reeked of booze. The gate agent seemed to be reluctant to let him board the flight because of his condition. Seems more like a perfect democratic candidate from Mass.

  2. panther 6

    No way can this idiot get traction to unseat Trump for the GOP, nomination. He is living in fantasy land. He will slop off the scope soon.

  3. Ben

    He will sail any which way the wind blows
    He missed his ship waiting in line at the airport

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    It’d be a real tragedy to watch this asshole run as anything and interfere with Trump’s campaign. My recollection, and my fear, is that third party candidates usually ensure a Democrapic president…..

  5. Sherox

    This arrogant imbecile should have been thrown out of the party a long time ago. He endorsed Democrat opponents on the state level against Republican candidates.

    He’s in this to help draw enough votes to keep Trump from getting the nomination.

  6. Vince

    Drunken asshole…..

  7. Clinton ma Tea party

    This Rino ahole needs to be kicked out of the state GOP. Where is Kaufman and the others. Throw them all out.