Welcome To San Francisco…

Posted August 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

…just be V-E-R-Y careful where you walk….Mayor Ed Lee
A little law enforcement would fix this, – but you know how Democrats feel about laws…

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

…we’ve been hearing that NY City [aka NY Shitty] is getting bad again under de Blasio…but of course Democrats always know BEST!

I know!   More MONEY!!   How ’bout $15.oo/hr?   Should fix EVERYTHING!

8 Responses to “Welcome To San Francisco…”

  1. Vic

    Where’s Dirty Harry when you need him?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    They can at least carry the plastic bag for dodgy poop which is an infraction of the law in NYC and San Fran, the city by the sea. Would Tonny Bennett still leave his “heart in San Francisco” with all that poop on the sidewalks?

  3. Hawk1776

    Whatever happened to the concept that America is a nation of laws? Laws need to be enforced.


    years ago i worked as a w h shipper in worcester,the delight of my day was to drop 5 gal pails of cold water from a 3 story window on these offenders.That was over 35 years ago ,,nothing has changed…………………….

  5. Beachbunny

    I was just in SF last weekend and maybe it was because I was going through tourist areas, but it didn’t look too bad. On the other hand, we were in LA in July and tons of streets just chock full of homeless. They even let them put up tents! It just seemed like a huge haven for the homeless. It wasn’t like that when I lived there.

  6. William Clark

    Is this just a distraction from the Sh*t storm being created with the GOP and “The Donald”?


    No Willie,…it’s what happens to your Shitty when Democraps keep electing and re-electing libturds.

  7. William Clark

    Socialism – explored, Same Mind-set, Same Rules, Uniformity, unquestionable devotion to a cause, ability to adjust, move, communicate, in sync with the greater culture, belief in a government and social justice, standing for something, acceptable of race, liberal enough to see all sides of a issue, I could be describing socialism or the US Military.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Clearly Willie, we served in different armies.

    The one I was in demanded that you take individual responsibility, plan ahead, be ready for anything, and become a leader. If you couldn’t [or wouldn’t] measure up to those standards, – they eased you out.

  8. William Clark

    I experienced 23 Years,9 Months, 11 days,6 hours of what could be described as socialism, good training, simplistic planning, not blaming the social ills of your unit but taking responsibility as a collective, working together in any tactical environment.

    I find it laughable not laudable that a Republican can push for less governance and then present issues when it fails to respond to an arbitrary incident, like sh*t in the street.

    Admit this one was not your best effort, just filler waiting on another Trump-ism.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Are you REALLY that dense Willie?

    ‘Frisco is a Socialist city – people are told they can ‘do what they want’ – so they shit on the sidewalks…

    Venezuela is a socialist country. For the past two years they don’t even have toilet paper!