Welcome To HELL Mayor Bill De Blasio!

Posted December 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

You created this HELL Bill,…enjoy it!
Mayor de Blasio in hell
At every step – every decision point in your life – you chose to embrace Socialism,  Communism,  and revolution. You utterly rejected our Constitution, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and police officers enforcing the Law. You ran for office as a race-baiter and a cop-baiter.

You picked as friends and political allies the worst America has produced – from Al Sharpton to Bill and Hillary Clinton. When the Eric Garner crisis first broke – you chose to use that tragic death as a political tool.

When the Staten Island Grand Jury failed to indict – you fueled a climate of racial distrust, and tacitly green-lighted racial violence.  Do you even know the difference between a ‘chokehold‘ – and a headlock?

Now – thanks largely to your words – and your race-baiting wrong-headed ‘leadership’ – your city is suddenly a powder keg, – and the cops don’t have your back,  – because you’ve spent these last 51 weeks explaining in detail to all who will listen – that you don’t trust them – even around your own son

The cops have taken you at your word. They’ve turned their backs on you.

Actions and words have meaning, – and consequences.

You should hold your breath, – there WILL be copycat attempts on your Police Officers.

The massive New Year’s Times Square celebration is just nine (9) nights away. Your NYPD officers will be out there looking for Muslim terrorists – suicide bombers.

For any wannabe cop-killer – it will be a target enriched area…

Are you willing to put on a vest and walk a beat with them that night?

Or, will you be scrutinizing how they handle troublemakers, – and lecturing the city on how cops should do their jobs?

New Year's in Times Square

Think about this Bill:   Back when you courted and married Chirlane McCray – you BOTH had a choice every morning during those months….

We’re all glad you are happily married;  – but those two children you’re raising are the result of your choices

BY CONTRAST:  Cops have no choice!   Every call they answer, – every crime in progress they come upon – is NOT THEIR CHOICE.   They deal with what the city and the streets hand them,  – they can’t turn their backs on that!

They CANNOT choose the color of the fools and thugs they come across. They cannot pick and choose which ones to arrest, – and which ones to ignore – or give a pass.

Try a shift in their shoes Bill – walk the Times Square beat on New Year’s Eve!

Obama and HolderOne more item Bill,….have you noticed – now that you’re up to your chin in your own shit,

– that your buddies Obama and Holder are suddenly busy elsewhere….?

They’ve left you,…twisting,…slowly, slowly in the wind…. You’re radioactive!

4 Responses to “Welcome To HELL Mayor Bill De Blasio!”

  1. Varvara

    #1 “Are you willing to put on a vest and walk a beat with them that night?” (New Year’s Eve, Times Square) Good question!

    #2 Asking those causing the riots to hold off because there are funerals is asinine. DiB has put out this request. My question is: Is he telling this crowd that it OK to continue after the funerals?

    #3 How many rioters will be out on Christmas Day? Or, will they be home, warm and stuffed?

    #4 Mayor Bloomberg walked around with four (4) armed guards while the rest of the citizens were unarmed. How many armed guards does DiB have?

  2. KarenG

    Great piece IM — on an astounding piece of sh…t
    I can’t stand this idiot. Anyone who has had three different names is automatically suspect in my book. There is a politician in the white house who also makes name changing a habit…hmmmm

  3. Mark

    Unless he is willing to admit his wrongdoings and take the right path, he is doomed to fail.

  4. Hawk1776

    I listened to his press conference Monday. What an a$$hole. I also watched Bratton’s body language while he was standing next to De Blasio. NYC had some big problems.