Welcome Back Goombahs!

Posted January 7th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Nothing says ‘Business as Usual!” like welcoming back a couple of indicted / convicted mobsters – I mean Speakers of the WhoreHouse with a standing ovation.  And what better time than the second inauguration of the Governor at the State House?

Former Speaker Sal DiMasi
[indicted and ‘resigned’25 Jan 2009] and former Speaker Tom Finneran [convicted 5 Jan 2007] returned to the scene of their crimes greeted like returning Ceasars to a standing ovation.

Acting Master of Disgraceful Ceremonies Angelo Scaccia introduced them as “…two of the brightest speakers in the history of the Commonwealth”.

Really?  Who would be one of the dumber?  Maybe that would be Speaker Charles Flaherty who pled guilty to tax felonies in 1996?  If you’ve lost count Folks, that’s three speakers in a row for our DemocRAT-controlled Mass WhoreHouse.

The scattered handful of freshman Republicans – also there to be sworn in – were not amused.

Certainly the controlling body of Democrats will show little interest in cleaning up their business as usual cesspool after greeting returning cons like conquering heroes.  And our re-inaugurated governor danced the night away!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


UPDATE:    Thurs 6 April 2016   The Mass SJC just decided Finneran’s pension case in favor of the TAXPAYERS! Whee!

Go see his fall from being one of the “Political Elites”:

Amazing! The Mass SJC Stands By US!?!

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  1. nancy

    Thanks for the reminder of the history of our Democrat legislators.
    and we are supposed to be deplorable for choosing Trump over Hillary.