Website: Lyin’

Posted April 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Big comedown for the man who thought he could control the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election – to his own advantage...

One Response to “Website: Lyin’”

  1. Cissy Nash

    What in the world is happening to our beautiful country?!
    we prayed so hard for Our Lord to save us from Hillary
    Clinton & the Crime Family…I will never forget
    laying in bed that , praying so hard, but i couldn’t
    keep my eyes opened bc it was very late! I woke up
    & looked at my phone it was 3:00am i went right to the news & there it was
    Donald Trump to be 45th President of these United States of America!!
    i rolled over in my bed with tears rolling down my face & i said Thank-you Our Dear Lord for saving our beautiful Country…
    then i had the best sleep ever
    We pray everynight at dinner to thank The Lord for our food and dinner & we continue to as Him to watch over our President & His family


    Thank you Cissy and millions of American Patriots who were praying with you.

    The Good Lord saved us from Satin’s Mistress, – but he expects us to keep working and praying – and to help Trump drain that damn swamp!