We Wasted How Many Billions?

Posted September 17th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Chairman JCofS Dempsey admits the terrible truth – half the Iraq army we trained, equipped, and paid for – can’t or won’t fight ISIS.  They are either slovenly, cowardly, or loyal to Iran – not Iraq.
Dempsey says Iraq Army won't fight
Remember, we’ve had lots of colonels and generals promoted for their work building that giant boondoggle. Now comes some more grim realities…

Obama has mandated an air-only bombing campaign.

EVEN HE KNOWS it cannot work. This is JUST FOR SHOW. Just to save the Democratic-held Senate and save his treasonous ass from impeachment.

BUT, in our Brave New World – many of our pilots are WOMEN!
women pilots

Rhonda CornumIf they are shot down and captured [a statistical inevitability – ask Rhonda Cornum] ISIS will likely rape them before beheading them – on camera.

Pat SchroderAll of the Women’s Libbers from Pat Schroeder forward who insisted on front-line combat roles for women – will now have to sweat out the reality they have inflicted on our once-powerful military.

Just ~ imagine ~ the fate for the first openly gay pilot captured…Surreal Irony

4 Responses to “We Wasted How Many Billions?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    We have done it to ourselves. Political correctness has taken over our lives, diluted the military from what was a force to be feared, to a military with rules of ingagement that put themselves in greater danger than the enemy who is sworn to kill them. Their numbers have been dangerously diminished, their navy’s ships have been diminished and their AirForce as well. We are no longer the once force to be reconed with. This has all happened during this administration when we have been constantly at war. You should ask yourself the question, why?

  2. Jim Gettens

    Those of us who served in Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq (MNSTC-I), and who were not blinded or baffled by the BULLSHIT coming down the chain of command from on high, knew that the Iraqi ‘Defence’ Apparatus, minus Sunni officers and men, was both inept and corrupt. Its collapse under pressure comes as no surprise to us.
    So, here’s the deal–the U.S. conducts an ineffective air-only campaign. That forces Iran to commit ground and close-air-support forces to fighting Islamic State in order to keep its clients, the Assad Regime in Syria and the Shia government in Iraq, afloat. As hypocritical Sunni states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar watch Shia Iran gain the upper hand over Sunni Islamic State, they commit forces to combat Iranian influence in the region. More Shias and Sunnis slaughter each other. The entire region becomes destabilized cauldron. Russia moves in to support its client, Iran. We move to counter Russia. Guess what??? We’re back in the world’s sh#thole anyhow!

  3. mark

    Every weapon we send there will be used against us in the future. I think that it’s the real plan.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Obama means to decimate our armed forces. Plain and simple. This is the way he can do it the most efficiently.