We Want Her Head Deval!

Posted February 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Dead kids, – 25% of the case workers unqualified,  – and over 500 foster parents with criminal records are not anecdotes any more Governor; – they’re your business-as-usual!Fire Olga Roche
We’ll be rid of you next January – not a day too soon! 

Meanwhile we want Olga Roche’s damned head – on a stick if necessary!   FIRE HER TODAY! No severance, no vacation days, no bonuses, – fire her NOW!

Governor Patrick dismissive as always
Together – Olga Roche and you are proof that Democrats don’t really care about kids, – and none of you are competent enough to look after them.

Last week you were utterly dismissive of the news that some 500 people with criminal convictions had been ‘cleared’ to serve as DCF foster parents.  

So while you were off visiting China – Jeremiah Oliver was rotting in some unmarked grave – or a landfill.

While you were busy planning how to hand out EBT Cards and Drivers Licenses to ILLEGALS – a troubled 14-yr old in Mattapan SHOT his 9 yr old brother.

THEN, we learn that his mother had asked DCF for help – and been denied.

Governor Patrick – your priorities are TOTALLY screwed up!   Your FIRST DUTY is to protect the Citizens of this commonwealth, – NOT give our money and voting rights away to illegals.

Yeah Deval, we do get it.  We ‘get it’ that you won in 2006 and again in 2010, and with that you were free to exercise your ‘social justice agenda’.

Deval Patrick's special hires

So you mostly hired women [fat ones] and minorities [under-qualified ones] to fill every key post.  And when MaryBeth Heffernan and JudyAnn Bigby failed repeatedly – you reluctantly dumped them.

Cabral and Tompkins

You replaced Heffernan with ‘Sheriff’ Andrea Cabral, – then softened Heffernan’s blow by making her a judge.  Disgraceful, and an insult to all of us!

Then you replace Cabral with a political hack [yes, Black] Steve Tompkins – a sign-holder with ZERO law enforcement experience.
Deval Patrick  social justice agenda

Governor, you are one twisted piece of racist hatred in an expensive suit.  Has it ever dawned on you that most of the victims of your agenda-driven appointments – are kidsof color?

Because of the choices you made – people are dead.  Lots of them!

Now the curtain is raising on the grotesque operations of DFC;  – and yet another fat, under-qualified,  unmotivated,  uneducated woman of color, – who thought adding 500+ convicts to the state Foster Care rolls was acceptable?

Where in the past seven (7) years was the call for people to step forward and meet the State’s desperate need for foster families?   Ever heard of TV advertising, and PSAs?

Or was passing out DCF money to convicts part of you ‘social justice’ agenda?


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5 Responses to “We Want Her Head Deval!”

  1. Don Ordway

    Iron Mike, I respect and am grateful for your honest approach to problems such as this one. The truth has prevailed, thank you.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I don’t know why anybody would be surprised about the criminal records of these hackers. After all, some of the “navigators” on Obamacare’s website are convicted felons. Perhaps it is a part of the job description. Perhaps Olga and Deval are more closely connected than anybody knows.

  3. MC

    With all the folks out of work across the country, Deval can’t find anyone actually qualified for the jobs at hand.

    As Casey suggests maybe he has certain preferences but don’t these appointments stink of Chicago politics.

  4. CA Girl

    I agree with all of the above and that it also reeks of Chicago politics. This has long been a complaint about the foster care system — that anyone with a pulse rate can become a foster “parent”. How many children will die before this type of rotten person is fired?!

    I hope Mass has term limits so Deval will soon be out of office.

    We do M’Dear, he’s done in January. But he has higher ambitions….

  5. Kojack

    Unfortunately, the massholes don’t give a damn about anything but who will pay the most for their votes and will continue to elect same corrupt hack moonbat dumbocRATs they always have…meanwhile the conservatives in this state will continue to suffer.