We Needed A Diversity Surgeon General?

Posted December 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Vivek MurthyHe hates guns,…he worked as a political shill for Obama, – and suddenly, – just 11 years out of medical school, he’s qualified to be the US Surgeon General?

He didn’t finish his residency until 2006.

Once again Obama has picked an unqualified political sycophant – Dr. Vivek Murthy, out of 894,000 US physicians.

I guess we should be relieved that he didn’t pick an abortionist….

Obama and his followers in the Senate have rewarded his left-wing anti-gun liberal base, – but he clearly doesn’t give a crap about the state of the America’s health.

Murthy may be feeling proud today – but he’s just another tool that Obama is using to fling into the workings of our government.

Obama has belittled both the Office of the Surgeon General, and turned Dr. Murthy into a conspicuous political pimp.

How many American physicians will applaud this under-qualified appointee?

One Response to “We Needed A Diversity Surgeon General?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Was this the result of a nation wide search of the nations most qualified for this very important position? Was this the result of campaign contributors with similar ideologies as the Predident and his left hand assistant Valerie Jarrett? The answer is the former rather than the latter as we can always expect from this cartel.