We Misjudged You – We Were Wrong!

Posted November 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

To the 61 Million Americans [or residents] who just voted for Obama, we apologize for misunderstanding and thus misjudging you.
We were terribly wrong!

We thought that despite minor differences you were mostly like us – i.e. patriotic Americans.  We misjudged.  Sorry.  We failed to pick up that you’ve evolved so much beyond ‘just America’ – you’ve become World Citizens.

We thought you cherished FreedomYou just want free phones.

OUR CONSTITUTION:  We thought you wanted leaders who would actually honor their oaths to our Constitution.  We misunderstood; – you actually want leaders who will write a new constitution to include guarantees of easy living and lots of free stuff.  Our bad…we’re old-fashioned.


We thought you wanted our Federal Government to do a good job of it’s primary task – that of keeping us safe through collective security – a strong military.  We sure blew that one, – you really want our aircraft carriers and tanks melted down to make Chevy Volts and bongs.

UNEMPLOYMENT:  We assumed you wanted unemployment to come down and the economy to surge again – so you could earn a better living and prepare for a secure retirement.  We were wrong. 

You want the government to guarantee you both an easy living and a comfortable retirement.

You’re convinced that Social Security can work if ‘only the Rich will pay their fair share’.

We never understood how many of you actually expect the government to pay your rent or your house payments.  Sorry!


We were sure that after 9/11 you’d come to understand the threat of Islamic fascism and terrorism.  But we see more clearly now since Obama’s re-election.  You were convinced by the left that Bush and Cheney were the real terrorists, and all that beheading and suicide bombing stuff is merely the work of ‘freedom fighters’.


We knew that many of you had at best a fuzzy idea about our 2nd Amendment and your God-given right to self-defense – and your adult responsibilities to safeguard and defend your families.  We knew that some of you think guns are just for hunting – and you hate hunting.

It came very slowly to us – that you’d prefer coffins to Colts;  that you trust the 911 system to save you – even when the power is out and you live in a remote area.

We know you look at an armed woman and visualize Sarah Palin.


We thought you enjoyed life and loved the innocence of babies and children.  We were wrong.  It seems you look upon children – even your own – as unwanted burdens.  Many of you are convinced your daughters are sluts at heart – so you want a quick abortion readily available in case, – or as Obama said ‘I don’t want them punished with a child‘.  And then we also overlooked that Agenda 21 issue of world overpopulation.

We just never understood how much easier killing babies is for you…
than raising them is for us.

VOTING INTEGRITY:  We went into the 2012 election cycle believing that you new Democrats espoused the ideals of one-man/ one-vote.  We believed you cherished free elections – since one of your early high-profile champions – Jimmy Carter – is always off monitoring elections in foreign countries.  But again we were wrong.

You actually want to control the voting process – Chicago-style.  You are fully comfortable when software is programmed to change votes, – when minorities are issued two ballots, – and when advocacy groups bus illegals from precinct to precinct.  Our fault entirely for not understanding that you are OK with any crime, – any outrage – so long as your guy wins.

CONGRESS:  We apologize further for our misguided belief that you too understood the Framers’ intent of Checks and Balances in our three-part government.

We failed to realize that you have come to embrace Obama as a god-king – one capable of ruling without having to wait for Congress to pass a budget or enact laws.  We know you were happiest with the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Triumvirate. 

This has been enlightening for us – particularly here in Massachusetts – where you’ve kept returning the same slimy inept crooks to Congress every two years.  After all, why take a chance with a novice crook when the proven ones are still breathing?

JUDGES:  For the longest time we thought you shared our belief that our court system staffed by seasoned and proven jurists – is the last hope of the innocent, and the last refuge of an honest man unfairly under attack by giants.  We were wrong.

It seems you are perfectly comfortable with a court system made up of diversity candidates; – actual belief in the Constitution is unnecessary – as is any real trial experience.  Thus the appointments of Justices Sotomayer and Kagan now make perfect sense.  As Obama’s rubber stamps – they don’t need to understand the Constitution…

We do wonder though – about how you see this new push for Sharia Law working out.  It seems to us it flies in the face of all you’ve been doing for a hundred years for women’s equality, voting rights, gay rights and child labor laws.  Are we still wrong? 

We’re probably just not seeing how our concepts of Free Speech work in conjunction with the Islamic views on blasphemy.  Maybe it’s sort of how you all feel that Chris Matthews, Mahr, and Garofalo can worship Obama, – but Hannity, Rush and Glenn should be muzzled?


We must confess our misconception on your views of how Charity should work.  We always thought it was an individual and a family thing – done through our churches, or through volunteer work and contributions to community pantries, the Red Cross, and maybe the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  We thought of it as ‘giving’; something God wanted us to do.

But you’re slowly re-educating us to understand that ‘real charity’ is a function of government largess – done through appointed bureaucrats and large agencies who can best decide where money and effort should go.  And we now understand that EBT cards, welfare, and rent subsidies are so much more effective at keeping the poor ‘down on the voter plantation’.

CITIZENSHIP:  While we often differed on policies and on candidates,  we always thought of you as the ‘loyal opposition’ – as proud [but misinformed] American Citizens.  Thus we were stunned that you weren’t interested in Obama’s citizenship or his résumé.

Now we see more clearly.  You’re actually delighted at the idea of a non-citizen as our US President.  It will make the transfer of power to the United Nations so much more acceptable to the masses if resistance and sovereignty are slowly broken down, bit-by-bit, election-by-election. 

It completely explains why you are so comfortable with illegal Mexicans voting here – after all, they ARE citizens of the World.  Sorry it took us so long to grasp the concept.

2 Responses to “We Misjudged You – We Were Wrong!”

  1. Walter Knight

    To the Left, the biggest problem with America is that it has too many white people. How do you argue with that?

  2. sg

    This is all u can do. Abuse the ppl who disagree with u.


    Those were questions, right?

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. We sometimes mock and pillory them too.