We Found Your Jobs Massachusetts!

Posted July 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Once upon a time – the mills and factories of New England – Massachusetts in particular,  – clothed and armed the Union Army in our Civil War,  launched the ships of the US Navy,  and supplied our Army, Navy, and Air Force through two World Wars.

Massachusetts was a manufacturing powerhouse,  and the workers demanded colleges be built for their kids.  But for the past 50 years those suddenly all-knowing colleges led the way in emptying the very factories which gave birth to them.

You could say it started with the alarmist book “SILENT SPRING” by Rachel Carson,  – her cry that pesticides would kill the planet,  that our air and water was dirty – unfit for humans.

Get rid of those evil Belching Smokestacks!”   screamed the Democrats – jumping on the environmental bandwagon as fast back then as they have on Global Warming now, – and are this week on a Russian Lawyer.

The Democrat-controlled state legislatures in New England and across the Northeast raised taxes, imposed regulations,  raised Worker’s Comp fees,  all to make life miserable for the “evil Captains of Industry”.  They made it easy for unions to organize, strike, and disrupt factories,  – and made it near-impossible for owners to retaliate.

The factories moved away – to the Carolinas and the Deep South, – where they found cheap land, – plenty of cheap electricity, – willing workers, – and welcoming state and local governments.  They never looked back.

Today the banks of the Merrimack River are lined with the empty shells of what was once the Industrial Revolution.  The better buildings are being converted to elderly housing.

It is the Tennessee River that sports the new American factories.

Now Massachusetts MoonBats have new evils to worry about – plastic bottles.  The hysteria begun by Rachel Carson – “your water is poisoned” – gave birth to the bottled water industry,  and the empty plastic bottles are filling up landfills….

.so Concord, Massachusetts made it ILLEGAL to sell them within town limits.

BUT they also voted to become a Sanctuary Town.  It seems that illegals from Central America and the Muslim nations of Africa and the Middle East are less of a threat than empty Poland Springs bottles.

DEMOCRATS:  Hypocrites winning elections by hyping hysteria and playing to the fears and emotions of the badly-educated elites. 

Take ObamaCare for instance,….remember those “30 million people dying in the streets…”Did you ever trip over one…?

3 Responses to “We Found Your Jobs Massachusetts!”

  1. Kojack

    A little more than a year ago Mark Levine read a condensed history of the Rachel Carlson/Silent Spring episode. As was proved in the resulting litigation, most of the data in “Silent Spring” was falsified.

    The moonbats in Concord seem to have forgotten that the “evil” bottles can be purchased in surrounding communities. A recycling program utilizing the totes seen in many towns(including ours) would be much more effective. Not sure how many end up in land fills….I thought recycling was supposed to prevent that.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Is Concord town hall still draped with that gi-normous Black Lives Matter banner? LOL

  3. Integrity1st

    I’m worried about losing those plastic grocery bags that I have heard will be banned throughout MA in a year?

    So then I will have to buy plastic bags for my
    shoes when packing,
    dirty laundry when traveling,
    trash in general,
    trash can liners,
    car clean-up,
    litter clean-up,
    vacuum clean-up,
    and 1,000 other things I use those bags for!