We Can’t Trust Deval Patrick!

Posted April 27th, 2012 by Iron Mike

He doesn’t see himself as OUR governor
he’s joined the Poverty Pimps.

He won’t protect us from Evil or Fraud!

First he refused to sign our state up for the Secure Communities program. Mind you, SC is a very weak law enforcement tool – designed to remove and deport only the most violent and dangerous illegals.

But Governor Patrick claimed it was about ‘Racial Profiling’, so he refused, – essentially saying he is willing to let murderers, rapists, drug dealers, repeat drunk drivers, and gang members live amongst our Citizens. So much for his duty as chief law enforcement officer!

Now comes a series of high profile abuses of the state’s EBT card system.

Remember – the whole theory behind the use of the plastic credit cards was to ease paperwork [green issue – saving paper checks] and to eliminate ‘the stigma’ of people using food stamps in a check-out line.

Liberals, über-liberals, and socialists accept a certain amount of corruption and fraud as ‘simply the cost of helping the underclasses’.

And therein lies the proof of what Conservatives have been telling you for decades: Democrats’ aren’t at all ‘democratic’; – they’re elitist snobs fully engaged in class warfare!

They’re merely using the poor and the illegal immigrants as weapons [tools] to game the system, gain votes, and stay in power.

So liberals really don’t care if the chronic poor use EBT cards to buy drugs, alcohol, tattoos, prostitutes, or draw out cash to go to casinos.  It’s not taxpayer money they worry about!  They truly believe all money is really ‘Government Money’! Their goal is to maintain a stable of permanent under-class voters who will reliably vote ‘D’ every election.

Incentives for lifting people out of poverty? Nah! That’s just ‘election year talk, – it’s not reality’.

Get a ‘liberal’ to have a couple of drinks with you, – loosen their tongues a bit, – and they’ll readily admit that they see no hope for inner-city minorities. They just want to keep them fed, drugged, and voting Democrat.

So when a repeat offender drug dealer called his girlfriend – to go use his EBT card for bail money, and it hit the news, even some Democrats in the Mass Legislature were willing to consider reforms.

But not Governor Patrick!

  ‘I’m not convinced that a cashless EBT system works.

Having been lifted out of the Chicago ghettos and blessed with going to Milton Academy and Harvard, and working for Bill Clinton and Janet ‘Waco’ Reno, – he’s come to see himself as one of the new Liberal Ruling Class.

As such he is every bit as much a Poverty Pimp as Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, Farrakhan, – and Obama.

In his mind a little EBT fraud is simply another means of ‘spreading the wealth around’. And if you by chance, are a white working taxpayer – he’ll smoothly imply that your objections to EBT card-holders being able to loot our treasury of cash – is simply RACIST!

Just as your desire to deport dangerous illegals is ‘racist’.

He doesn’t care much about government’s true role of protecting citizens. That’s why his staff in the Public Safety Office are so blatantly inept and pro-criminal.

He sees government as a tool ‘to level the playing field’ – to spread the wealth.

Any wonder he doesn’t worry as higher taxes and draconian regulations send business and industry scrambling out of our state?

Like Obama, he figures there are still Rich People he can super-tax.

Any wonder that he’s against the MCAS? He doesn’t want students educated. He doesn’t want them to learn and understand History and Government. He wants them dumbed down and ‘socialized’.

Patrick also supported the building of the Ground Zero mosque, and here in Boston he actually embraced radical Imam Abdullah Farooq.

We should ask:  ‘Gov, who’s side are you on?

Keep all this in mind when you see Deval [Duh-val] ramp up to either run for Kerry’s empty seat or actually to succeed Obama in 2016.

After all, he’s been proving himself a trusted worthy member of the Liberal Ruling Elite. And he likes screwing you over!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Yes, I sent this entry to Duh-val’s office:

2 Responses to “We Can’t Trust Deval Patrick!”

  1. PaddyMac

    You make it sound like there was a time when we could trust him.

  2. Bill Johnson

    About Guvunah Squeeky….wasn’t there an instance when he was working as an AAG for Butch Reno when he threatened a lawsuit against a private housing estate that objected to a pre-release center being placed adjacent to their property?

    It surfaced in the news during his initial run for the governorship, and got squashed within a day or two….if anybody’s got a link to it, I’d appreciate it….