Wayne LaPierre: How To END ‘Gun Violence”

Posted November 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Lock Up Obama's voter base
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I’ve met Wayne – he is a very decent man.

But Democrats aren’t going to get serious about stopping so-called “Gun Violence” until America’s BLACK COMMUNITY wakes up and DEMANDS IT!

And THAT would require Blacks – starting with the poverty pimps – to admit that the Democrat Party programs – beginning back with LBJ’s ‘Great Society’, – have done terrible and deliberate harm to Black families – damn near destroyed them,  – and that Blacks want criminals – especially BLACK ones – locked up.

Across America’s Democrat Party offices, – and across our Black inner-city neighborhoods, – it’s always easier to blame White people and ‘GUNS’….

BUT, – WHO is carrying those guns,…

…and WHO is pulling those triggers?

…and WHO is mostly getting murdered?

If we KNOW that fatherless homes in our Black inner cities end up producing yet another generation of teenage mothers and young men in gangs, – then in jail;   – WHY do we keep paying teenage mothers to have babies…?

At WHAT POINT do we call it the Democrat’s Black Voter Plantation?

3 Responses to “Wayne LaPierre: How To END ‘Gun Violence””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What has Obama done? He’s opened the prisons to release the drug dealers and how will that work out? More thugs on the streets,more gang violence, more father less children, more gun violence but more Dem voters and that’s the real change he’s looking for. Like LBL said in ’64, “I’ll have these ni–ers votes for 200 years” and they will if the Republic survives.

  2. Varvara

    Please note, Wayne dresses and acts conservatively. He has taken a page from Bill Whittle, the Firewall. Medium blue suit, white shirt, plain medium blue tie. Soft spoken. What he says, in such a soft manner, gets across to you without the dramatics that so many people use.

    I have watched the NRA commercials with a hero, grandmother of color and business professional. All quiet and soft spoken from different backgrounds. All Americans who believe in the 2nd amendment, work and care for their families.

  3. Sample Text

    Conservatists unite! This is a man we can get behind. Wayne LaPierre 2016! That’s right folks! I said it! Everybody say it!