Wayne LaPierre: Guard Our Schools – NOW!

Posted December 21st, 2012 by Iron Mike

He is interrupted twice by protestors, – never loses focus.

If you’re a gun-hating liberal – you NEED to listen to this!

2010 murders

3 Responses to “Wayne LaPierre: Guard Our Schools – NOW!”

  1. Tom

    The NRA is in a no win situation, they have no responsibility for the tragedy nor do the guns. The hard left moonbats, code pink and the low information voters as well as the media are looking for a scalp. That scalp is Wayne LaPierre. He handled himself patriotically and we are fortunate to have him.


    I agree with Tom, the NRA is in a no win position. But, Wayne LaPierre is correct about Hollywood films and violent video games. This is not harmless entertainment. Others have said this, even MSM. It would be a prohibitive expense to quietly install armed security in our schools.

    There is a group of Army volunteers standing outside of schools in Calif. They will eventually go away when emotions calm down.

    I’m sure someone will ask for more ‘Gun Free Zones’.

  3. Sam Adams

    LaPierre is on target (excuse the pun).
    All the Democrat and liberal Republican hypocrits couldn’t live (or work) a day without their owned armed protection at the Capitol, their offices, the courts and in very many cases, at their own homes.
    But the bastards don’t want to allow anyone else to protect themselves.
    This is not about guns as much as it is about CONTROL.
    The tyrants are becoming bolder every day.
    If the German people had hidden their guns instead of allowing Hitler’s regime to take them, history would’ve played out a lot differently.