Wave 1,100 Goodbyes Deval

Posted March 15th, 2011 by Iron Mike

And take a big bow Deval, – you did it!

You and those stuck-on-stupid Taxocrats have just managed to push another 1,100 high-paying white collar [green] jobs out of state. And barely 2 months into your second term!  Wow, you are one fast-acting governor.

   Fidelity Investments announced today that after cutting some 8,000 jobs worldwide over the past two years [since Obama was elected] – they’re eliminating or moving 1,100 more jobs out of state and selling their Marlborough buildings.

Now you have more empty office space to turn into warehousing for illegals.

You ~ think ~ that maybe Fidelity’s owners Ned and Abby Johnson just ~ might ~ be fed up with the Taxocrat mentality of Massachusetts?

You think other states offer better deals? Why else disrupt 1,100 lives and sell off two buildings ideally located off I-495 – where Governor Cellucci made a special exit for them?

Deval, why are so many Marlborough jobs going to Merrimack, NH? Could it be that NH has no personal income tax?  Gee, why would that be attractive?

Cool Dude Cadillac Deval is out of the country – in Israel – looking for trade deals, then on to England to promote tourism. Right Duh-val!  English tourists can’t wait to come over here and see all our empty factories, empty office buildings and empty store fronts. Who wouldn’t buy a plane ticket for that?

And now comes my 3rd least favorite Ma$$achu$ett$ State Senator – the closet-bound JamieBoy Eldridge.   And the first words out of his mouth?  “Massachusetts should eliminate the tax breaks for Fidelity that the company has been taking advantage of since 1996”.  Jamie, it that ALL you can think of, – taxes and the transgender bathroom bill?

Oh, I forgot your speech Saturday when you said you were for ALL immigrants, legal AND ILLEGAL!  I believe I heard a lot of boos at that one Senator. Consider yourself booed again.

We lose 1,100 white-collar jobs, after the 800 Evergreen Solar jobs, and you want to punish companies with MORE TAXES?!?

Jamie, why do you think people call you a MoonBat?

Deval, do companies even bother to tell your office when they doing layoffs and relocations?

And to any of you 800 being laid off from Evergreen, and you 1,100 being relocated from Marlborough – – well if you’ve been voting for Dumbocrats like Jim McGovernment, JamieBoy, oBummer, and Duh-val all your lives, . . . you are harvesting the fruits of your votes.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Wave 1,100 Goodbyes Deval”

  1. Kathy

    Jobs and people continue to leave the state…how many more Congressional Districs will we lose in 2020?