Watertown RTC Grows Some Fangs!

Posted December 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Waterwown RTC

Watertown Republican Town Committee

A Resolution of Censure

Whereas;  prior to the November 4th election,  the GOP controlled roughly 15% of the State Legislature, and held no Statewide Constitutional Office…

And Whereas;  it was therefore incumbent upon all Republican office-holders and high-profile, celebrated former officer-holders to actively support faithful Republicans seeking office, or at the very least not cause divisions by endorsing their Liberal Democrat opponents…

Traitor Weld endorses ObamaAnd Whereas;  in spite of the fact that former Governor William Weld endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008, the MA-GOP Leadership embraced him upon his return to Massachusetts,  welcoming him back into the inner circle of decision-makers and party strategists,  further celebrating the former Governor as a great Party Patriarch by honoring him with the Prestigious Lincoln-Reagan Award,  and then showcasing him at the 2014 State Convention…

And WhereasFormer Governor William Weld endorsed Michael Day, an extremely Progressive Democrat, who was also endorsed by the Uber-liberal “Mass Alliance” group, over Caroline Colarusso, a well qualified conservative Republican running for State Representative in the Republican friendly 31st Middlesex District, in which the Weld endorsed Democrat, Michael Day, went on to win by 1%…

And WhereasFormer Governor William Weld endorsed Richard Moore, another very Progressive Democrat and entrenched incumbent over Ryan Fattman another well qualified and conservative Republican rising-star in the Worcester/Norfolk State Senate District race…

Frank CousinsAnd WhereasRepublican Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins endorsed the radical agenda-driven ?ber-Liberal Maura Healey over the well-qualified Republican candidate John Miller for Attorney General…

And Whereas;  former MA-GOP Chair and current Chair of the MA Republican State Senate PAC, Brian Cresta endorsed Theodore (Ted) Speliotis, a Progressive Democrat who holds a 10% (f-) rating from Mass Fiscal Alliance and a similar grade from Citizens for Limited Taxation, over Republican Tom Lyons in a race for 13th Essex State Representative, in which Speliotis went on to win by 2%…

And Whereas;  Lawrence Republican Mayor Michael J. Sullivan and Republican City Councilor Marc Laplante endorsed Progressive Democrat Marcos Devers over Republican Roger Twomey in the 16th Essex race for State Representatives…


And Whereas;  the Republican Party unity is necessary to End to One Party Rule in Commonwealth….

And Whereas;  the aforementioned actions, by the aforementioned High Profile Republicans caused deep wounds to party unity, furthermore they may well have had serious negative impact on the outcomes of the aforementioned races…

Therefore be it resolved;  that on this day, December 3rd, in the Year of Our Lord 2014,  at a regularly scheduled meeting, we the duly elected members of The Watertown Republican Town Committee condemn in the strongest possible manner, the aforementioned endorsements of Democrats by the aforementioned high profile Republicans…. And further vote to censure Former Governor William Weld, Sheriff Frank Cousins, Former MA-GOP Chair & current Chair of the MA Republican State Senate PAC Brian Cresta, Lawrence Mayer Michael J. Sullivan, and Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante.

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee, instructs our State Committee members from the Second Suffolk & Middlesex District, Steve Aylward and Elizabeth Mahoney, and our Regional Chair Brad Williams of the 4th MA-GOP State Committee Region, to propose and or vote for a similar measure at the next MA-GOP State Committee meeting….

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee calls upon MA-GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes to publicly announce that the MA-GOP will strip former Governor William Weld of the Prestigious Lincoln-Reagan Award, that he shall no-longer be invited to speak or have any place of honor at MA-GOP functions, that he be stripped of any and all other MA-GOP awards or recognition, and that he no longer be allowed to serve as an Ex-Officio Delegate at State Conventions…

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee holds that the aforementioned Republican office holders or High Profile Republicans who endorsed Democrats, should never be given any support by the MA-GOP in any future election….

Be it further resolved; that the Watertown Republican Town Committee suggest the MA Republican State Senate PAC replace the current Chair Brian Cresta, with a faithful Republican.

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee authorizes and instructs the Chair of the Committee to release this resolution to the Media and to send copies the following:

MA-GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes

RNC-National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

RNC-National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier

State Committeeman Steven Aylward

State Committeewoman Elizabeth Mahoney

Region 4 Chair Brad Williams…. 

Signed this day Dec. 3rd 2014

/s/  John DiMascio     

John DiMascio,  Chairman Watertown RTC

Watertown  Search for Terrorists



NOTE: We at RRB fully endorse the actions of the Watertown RTC to highlight and condemn the disgraceful and traitorous actions of Weld, Kaufman, Hughes, and many long-time embedded RiNOs on the State Committee.

We can only conclude that they are either on the payroll of the Massachusetts Democratic Party – or are emotionally invested in Liberal / Progressive social and governmental policies.

In the end, REAL Republicans and Constitutional Conservatives have just two options in Massachusetts:

– rise up and toss the RiNOs OUT,

– or leave the state and go live with REAL Americans.

Meanwhile – it’s high time the rest of our Massachusetts RCCs and RTCs stand up and demand changes at the MassGOP!

8 Responses to “Watertown RTC Grows Some Fangs!”

  1. Mark

    Holy $h!t, a BACKBONE! I love it!

  2. John DiMascio

    Thanks Mark for the comment and thanks to Iron Mike for posting our resolution of censure.

    In fairness to the folks Iron Mike likes to call State Committee Critters…… I suspect they will pass a similar resolution at their next meeting on December 10th.

    I know it’s on the agenda….and I’m told that members from across the ideological spectrum agree that the matter needs to be addressed… especially or specifically Bill Weld. I’m also told most if not all of the MA-GOP “establishment” and Leadership are very ripped at Weld and his actions.

    Folks simply wanted to deal with it after the election, so as not to draw more attention to it that it already had received.

    That could have hurt Charlie, along Caroline Colarusso and Ryan Fattman.

    So I’m hopeful that this is something the majority of “SC critters” can come together on this one. This is far less about conservative vs. moderate and more about party unity, party discipline, and party building.

    So if and when the State Committee takes positive action on this matter, we should give them credit… In the mean time, I suggest people call or email their S.C. members and politely ask them to support some kind of censure of Bill Weld… And folks, let’s be friendly, polite, and respectful when approaching these folks…. It’s kind counter productive to tell people they suck and then ask them to vote for something you support.

  3. John DiMascio

    The Watertown RTC has always had fangs Mike….
    Remember my friend … we were the ones that issued the resolution back in 2010 voting No Confidence in Jennifer Nassour (The MA-GOP Chair at the time)!

    That was the catalyst that started the whole movement to start recruiting reform minded, party building, conservative candidates to run for State Committee in 2012.

    At the time, Steve Aylward was our Chair, who eventually went on to defeat a 40 year entrenched Republican “S.C. Critter” Bob Semonian. Steve is now for all intents and purposes the head of the conservative and reform caucus on the State Committee and together with Holly Robichaud, masterminded the repeal of the automatic gas tax (Question 1 “Tank the Gas Tax”) initiative.

  4. Casey Chapman

    It’s about bloody time. My husband and I quit our local RTC, partly because of their lack of spine.

  5. John DiMascio

    Casey…. what RTC were you involved in. And I’d invite you to look into the Massachusetts Republican Assembly…. go to http://www.Massra.com

    Also if you’re on Facebook, feel free to see me an Friend Request…. There aren’t too many people with name. I have 2 accounts. One I use to play games and rarely use. It has my nickname Bacon as a middle name. The other just has my name and you’ll know it me by all the political posts on my wall.

    Iron Mike, it’s OK for you give/send Casey my email if she wants to get in touch with me.

  6. Tony Conte

    I don’t know about the rest of these turncoats, but with respect to Bill Weld what can you expect for someone foolish enough to support Obama in 2008?? I agree that they should be censured or at least not be given any position of honor as Weld was at our State Convention.

  7. Ralph Filicchia

    Someone some place should draw up a manifesto that gives an accurate description of exactly what a Republican is. Is he a Conservative, a liberal, what…? To keep both in the same party pollutes the whole process. A divided country (and party) cannot stand.


    We’ve done that Ralph!

    Read: https://rabidrepublicanblog.com/2013/03/15/i-am-a-republican-because/

  8. John DiMascio

    This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not any of the people censured are Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal.

    The fact is that they are Republican Party Officials, or High Profile Republicans that have been celebrated and honored by the MA-GOP establishment.

    For all we know and in fact it is rumored that Weld endorsed Mike Day, because he worked in the same firm as lobbyist for casinos. The Republican Colarusso supported repealing the casino law. So Weld’s action in this case, might have been all about his wallet and not ideology.

    We do have a “manifesto” as you call it. It’s called the Party Platform… But you’re never going to get everyone to agree 100% on ever issue or how to approach it.

    Fact is, all that is required to join a party is that register as such with local clerk’s office when you register. There is no ideology test to join the party.

    There are however other Republican Organizations like Republican Assembly that you can join, where you will find conservative activists.

    But this issue is strictly about party building, party infrastructure, and not honoring those who work against Republican Candidates.