Waters: “We’re Looking For A Guilty Verdict!”

Posted April 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The 82 year old California Communist traveled to Brooklyn Center to cheer on the protesters and the rioters.
Did she fly there on the Taxpayer’s dime – to stir up the mob?
“We’re Looking For A Guilty Verdict!”   Is Maxine Waters looking for the Truth, – for Justice,  – or for a sacrificial White Cop?  VIDEO:

Note as you watch – that Maxine’s mind is totally made up,  – whether it is the Derek Chauvin trial or the death last week of Daunte Wright – a young gang-banger wanted on an outstanding felony warrant.

She doesn’t urge the mob to wait for the trials to end.   She doesn’t tell them to trust the jury system.

She says she wants Chauvin burred UNDER the jail.

For so long as cheap-shot Black ‘leaders’ are willing to enrich themselves by fanning racial hatreds, – Americans should not be expecting any ‘racial healing’.

“Racial Healing” does nothing to enrich Black race-baiters!

What Waters and others REALLY WANT is a system of policing where the cops merely look the other way…..as young Blacks sell drugs, – pimp out teenage girls, – shoot each other for a few blocks of ‘turf’,  – and use the public schools to recruit gang members. 

AND,  – they’d like a federally guaranteed minimum income so that teenage mothers can buy baby formula,  diapers,  and drugs.

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4 Responses to “Waters: “We’re Looking For A Guilty Verdict!””

  1. Panther 6

    The woman has been and remains a complete disgrace and should be drummed out of Congress. Her voting constituents are out of their gourds sending her to represent them. But apparently she has them bluffed.

  2. Joe

    She doesn’t have them bluffed. The American populace is slowly losing IQ points so that one day soon we’ll resemble the movie “Idiocracy.”

    Her constituents notwithstanding, go to any little affluent town or village in the northeast and see the moronic soccer-moms (should be psycho-moms), with the dumb blm signs on their lawn, the rainbow flags on their churches and town centers, the “hate has no home here” signs… equating disdain for the terrorist, communist lesbian rioters of blm as hate. Or promoting traditional family values and looking down at pederasts as “hate.”

    Everyday that goes by, it gets worse. There was once a sense of optimism in this country, like we could beat anyone, anywhere, and if you fought, struggled, worked hard, you could do anything.

    Now, step into any airport and you see glumness, masks covering everyone’s face. Airports like JFK, LaGuardia or Miami international were once one huge party of optimism, as everyone was going somewhere to have fun. Now they are dead, half deserted, full of wandering zombies.

  3. Jim Buba

    Wow, I guess it is time to anoint Waters to the Supreme Court.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    Maxine Waters continues to incite violence, foster anger, hate and vitriol with no pushback from anyone. We had the drive by shooting of two National Guardsmen directly after Water’s statements. BLM is emboldened, and encouraged to do more destruction and intimidation in our streets.
    The hypocrisy is stunning! A Republican looks the wrong way and the Dems pull out every punishment that they can, when do we fight for our own? Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to introduce a resolution to expel Maxine Waters from Congress for her continual incitement of violence. The Republicans in Congress should all stand with Greene and fight for justice.