Waters: Fanning The Flames Of Racism

Posted March 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

She’s been a one-trick pony all her life – a race-baiting poverty pimp;  – and she’s still hard at it.

Brief video and commentary below: 

Trump hatred,  – control of Congress,  – control of the White House,  – and Reparations.

You will NEVER hear her tell a Black audience to take charge of their lives, – to finish school,  – to avoid street gangs and teenage pregnancy, – and to stop shooting each other.

I’ve often wondered if race-baiting is the only shtick she knows,  – or if she is really that full of anti-white racial hatred.

Back in the day,  – she was fixated on impeaching Dick Cheney.  Today she dwells on impeaching Trump.

I find it odd that Waters is comfortable with California giving both sanctuary and preferential treatment to illegal Mexicans,  – which takes jobs,  services,  and opportunity from the Black American Citizens she represents.

Tucker Carlson has a different take on Mad Maxine:

3 Responses to “Waters: Fanning The Flames Of Racism”

  1. FLICK

    Seems I recall a eight year chance to make all this happen. Where was she then? Nancy Pelosi’s sister?

  2. Panther 6

    The woman is a disgrace and a loose cannon. She is also a bloody racist and should be ousted from Congress by her neglected constituents – but that probably won’t happen. She is beyond help.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I dunno…. Was this person born an idiot or has she worked at it her whole life?

    In any event, at 79, she’s not going to last much longer. Her temperment alone points to the coronary standing in the door, and that 79 year old heart (black as it is….) can’t be tolerating too much more of the stress.

    It’s only a matter of time, then we’ll have one less idiot polluting the minds of other idiots….

    BTW, , Didn’t see many white faces in that miniscule crowd….