Water Main Breaks And Missing Ballots?

Posted November 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

3 Responses to “Water Main Breaks And Missing Ballots?”

  1. Jim Ettwein

    This is an exciting day. Either because victory will go to McAuliffe, who will have cheated his way to the top. Again. Or, to Youngkin, who will serve as the harbinger of next year’s many elections. My money is on the latter, not the former. I am looking for right to prevail, and for our republic to become even stronger.
    Good luck, America.

  2. Jim Buba

    The fix is in

    They figure 300,000 “late submissions” will put S-4-brains over the top.

    Its the Post Office’s fault doncha know

  3. Kojack

    A Clinton hack lawyer already sued to have the vote counting continue until midnihgt Friday and the spineless GOP capitulated without putting up a fight. Glenn Youngkin, like DJT, will be the real winner but the DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS will be using the same play as last year and hoping for another ill-gotten gain.