Wasserman-Schultz Gets Her Comeuppance!

Posted July 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Bad Day Starts
Monday morning began very rough for the disgraced Florida Congresswoman….the Florida delegation booed her,…all caught on video.  Her 8 painful minutes below the fold:

The delegates just weren’t about to settle down.  Looks like half of them are Bernie supporters.

It couldn’t be happening to a more deserving bitch!

Well,…yes,…Hillary is more deserving…

NOTE the IRONY:  The Delegates are far more pissed off about the DNC’s emails than they are about Hillary’s emails…. Democrats values are all screwed up!

5 Responses to “Wasserman-Schultz Gets Her Comeuppance!”

  1. Hunter556

    They were considering using Bernie’s religion as a point against him…very Nazi like I would say.

  2. William Clark

    So one person writes a disparaging note – one man is not the party.

    We are still a way’s out of November, but so far 88% of women, 93% of Hispanics, 99.9% of African Americans, 48% White males, won’t vote for DRUMPF. Even certain factions of the Republican party would rater vote for Hillary.

    Still not serious about 270.


    Aww, Willie Wannabe has his feelings hurt?

    Why aren’t you down in Philly Willie?

    Willie's Special Friend

  3. Hunter556

    One person is/was however the HEAD of the party. And it goes along with a proud and distinguished history of racism on the part of the liberals. Liberals and Nazi’s seem hand in hand on many issues.

  4. Hunter556

    ….besides Willie….Hitler was just one man.

  5. Hunter556

    …and for the icing on the cake….”Taco Bowl Engagement”

    Taco Bowl Engagement