Was This Wasted Empty Soul Worth A Riot?

Posted August 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Sylville K. Smith was just 23 when he walked toward a Milwaukee cop with a loaded handgun Saturday afternoon following a traffic stop.   The extended ‘combat magazine‘ – holding 23 bullets was unmistakable. The cop waited,  – ordered him to drop it,  – and then finally…fired,…killing him.
Sylville K Smith wth pistol
Smith has / had a record of reckless endangerment from a shooting in 2015,…AND,…the gun he was holding was stolen back in March…

Burning Milwaukee police car

Before they bothered to learn the facts,  local Black residents began a riot,  burning a police car, a bank and a BP gas station.
Smashed Milwaukee police car

But quickly they learned the cop who fired,  killing Smith is ALSO BLACK.

And both cops involved in the traffic stop and pursuit – were wearing body cameras,…working body cameras….

Taking no chances, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke asked governor Scott Walker to call out the National Guard. The Guard is on standby.

Sheriff David Clark Gov Scott Walker

It’s 83° F in Milwaukee this afternoon – should drop into the low 60°s tonight,  – i.e. perfect weather for further rioting,  – if the stupid people think that will get them anything….

Sylville K Smith Milwaukee MS 13


And if Obama had another son,…would he have looked like Sylville?

How many media outlets will report that Sylville was a member of the dreaded MS-13 Mara Salvatrucha” – which has it’s origins in El Salvador….and has spread across most of our major cities?

Or will they just call him “a young Black man”…?

And that AR-15 he’s holding in the above photo
– where did HE get it,
 – and where is it today?

Sunday afternoon Sheriff Clarke reported on events up until then:

MONDAY UPDATE:   15 August 2016   A 2nd night of rioting, burning, rock-throwing and shots fired in Milwaukee – over a dead criminal….

Sunday night rock throwing

Cops were showing great restraint – as rocks and bricks were being thrown at them. 

I’d say it’s time for some long-lasting dye-marker spray!

Car afire night 2 Milwaukee

Now these folks have managed to raise their home-owner and property insurance rates….for an MS-13 gangbanger.


10 Responses to “Was This Wasted Empty Soul Worth A Riot?”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    And to think, Mass. Sen. Jamie Aldrige – one of the most socialist members of the Senate – didn’t disagree, but rather praised his mooonbat opponent Terra Friedrichs in the July 21, 2016 debate when she suggested that we should disarm our police, “…in order to make society more peaceful, because people mostly buy guns because they’re afraid of the police”.

    And some of your readers are going to vote for Jamie, again?


    Alternative is a Republican: TED BUSIEK. Suggest you study up on him. Brains and guts it appears.

  2. Mt Woman

    The violence that has been going on in our cities has become commonplace and the fact that it is occurring routinely with little to no attention is shocking. Everyone should be outraged, but no, we have a President and AG who have made these events a cause to support BLM which only further encourages violence, looting and rioting. I hope that Governor Scott Walker and Sheriff David Clarke are capable of bringing the anarchy under control with no added loss of life or property.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Again, one less scumbag to pollute the human gene pool…..

  4. Hawk1776

    The world is a better place with him dead. It’s time to take back this country.


    In his case we agree Hawk.

    But remember he was once somebody’s cute little baby – full of promise…

    And consider the lives lost in our Civil War to free his ancestors from slavery, – and then the billions of tax dollars spent to improve the lives of Blacks…..

    ….all for what? That he should grow up with a lengthy criminal record – thanks to progressive democrats – and their policies which return Blacks to big city voter plantations….?

    ….and our ‘First Black pResident’ plays golf on Martha’s Vineyard….for the 8th summer in a row – that he DIDN’T VISIT an inner city….

  5. Sherox

    Did these so-called protesters have a permit? I heard on the news yesterday that the police had said that it was an illegal protest.

    If so, the police should have been arresting them. Also, very few places in the news has it been noted that the policeman who shot the thug was black. The main media headlines appear to blame the police. Media complicity again.

    Then there is the issue of inciting a riot. Riots are terrorist actions which provides another reason to arrest these people.

  6. Jim Gettens

    One less criminal sperm donor on the Democrat-Black-Dependency(“Give Me More Free Shit At Taxpayer Expense”)-Plantation.

  7. Walter Knight

    Democrats. All their heroes are felons. They’ll probably paint a mural on a wall for Smith.

  8. Panther 6

    The lad asked for it. Where are the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s telling their black buddies to cool it, do what the police tell you when they tell you and you will be OK. If you did a crime then you can pay the time but you won’t be dead and half your community burned down. As for the folks rioting and burning the police must get tough. Mike’s long lasting dye spray is one solution but busting heads is going to be required also. If our black ghetto thugs haven’t learned now that disobeying authority will get you killed I don’t know if they ever will.

  9. Bob

    Regarding the ms-13 gang sign, you have that completely wrong. And before you take this as opposition to your blog just know I agree with the shooting of this kid, he deserved it. But the ms-13 gang is a hispanic gang, there are no known black members.


    Whether he WAS MS-13 – or was an MS-13 Wannabe – in the photo he’s CLEARLY flashing the MS-13 sign…..

    Too bad we can’t ask him about it…..

  10. Nyree

    You pieces of shit that was my son’s friend and he is in the Army don’t associate The armed forces with your Bullshit u racist piece of cold shit!!! Your a waste of skin and bones and know what u dish out comes back to U!!!