Was This Trip Necessary?

Posted September 29th, 2011 by Iron Mike

During the dark days of WWII when we were rationing gasoline here and overseas, the everyday question for both military and civilians was: “Is this trip necessary?

What ‘necessity’ caused Michelle Obama to go shopping for ‘stuff’ at Target in Alexandria today? How big was the Secret Service escort?  How many big armored SUVs rolled for this tacky photo-op?  Are you impressed that Mrs. Obama is ‘just folks – just like you’?

Do you miss having a real First Lady yet?  

24 Responses to “Was This Trip Necessary?”

  1. Varvara

    And she didn’t even wear her $42,000.00 cuff bracelets!

  2. Perplexed Senior

    Do you think that she has a platimum EBT card?

  3. Karen G

    Yet another lame knee-jerk attempt at damage control by the Obama handlers. This is clearly their sad and transparent answer to the $42,000 bracelet spectacle.

    I’ll never forget when she wore her $540.oo sneakers while stuffing bag lunches for the homeless. For someone who went to Princeton, she seems pretty stupid. Or, perhaps her sense of entitlement simply wins over good judgment.

    The hypocrisy continues…she stuffs french fries and ice cream in one side of her mouth, while telling the rest of us to eat healthy. What a joke.

  4. Portia Richardson

    I love Mrs. Obama. Those Bush girls and their drunken evenings gave me the creeps. How much Secret Service was on-call dealing with those twins and their bar-hopping?

  5. Karen G

    When the Obama girls wanted to go shopping on Nantucket this summer, instead of taking the ferry like everyone else, they had an escort of 50 secret service personnel, a manned Coast Guard cutter and several other support craft in tow…again, the entitlement continues…

  6. Jim

    I think the key question that needs to be answered is whether she pronounced it tahr-git or tar-ZHAY?

    You make light of the ‘necessity’ of the trip. You must have missed PEOPLE Magazine’s website reporting “that Obama “picked up dog food and toys for Bo,” among other undisclosed items.” Obviously it was a necessary trip. You don’t want Bo to be hungry and bored.

    It’s too bad no one told her the bags go in the cart. Maybe that’s the secret to her muscular arms-ignorance.

  7. TeaTime

    It’s good to be the Queen.

  8. Michael O'Halloran

    Michelle Obama in 2012!

  9. Cleetus

    Why can’t we have a real first lady again, like the one who killed a man in a car crash? Please bring back the good old days!

  10. Bigg

    What a bunch of racist buffoons you all are.

  11. Flick

    In the spirit of ‘People of WalMart’, this could be the inaugural ‘People of Target’ picture.

    What does race have anything to do with this???

  12. max

    This news is pathetic. SO WHAT?! She wanted to go to Target. I bet you all live very pathetic lives, and you can tell yourself I’m wrong, but deep down you know it. There are so many more important things in life than scrutinizing someone shopping at Target. Completely pathetic.

  13. max

    Is it necessary for the author of this blog to be a troll?

  14. Flick

    Bingo! The Associated Press IS pathetic to cover this and publish it for United States Citizens in light of the economy and jobless claims! You are correct, deep down I know that this ‘news’ that the media covered IS pathetic. I’m optimistic though. There IS hope for Libs, they can be objective as you have shown. Keep that perspective please, and let’s HOPE for some real CHANGE next year!

  15. gormster

    By “real”, do you mean “white”?

    No Mate, we mean lady-like – as in not using ones ‘First Lady’ position for a cheap campaign photo-op.

  16. Flick

    NEVER CROSSED MY MIND. EVIDENTLY IT DID YOURS. ‘Real’ change to me is the leadership of a passionate, patriotic President who respects the Constitution that once made this Country the greatest on earth, not one who bows to others and apologizes for our success. Is that ‘Real’ enough for you?

  17. Jon

    Yeah! A real First Lady! One like Laura Bush who, unlike Michelle Obama, didn’t, uh… Go shopping.

    What the hell are you talking about, man? She went to a shop and bought stuff. What the hell does that prove about anything?
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    When was the last time the Queen went to Target?

  18. Jade Grande

    Do we miss having a real First Lady yet? Is that how low the Republicans have sunk?
    Most First Ladies (of either party) seem like perfectly nice women trapped in their husband’s dream. They are trapped in the public eye, in the White House, and in the media spotlight. But Hillary and Michelle are further burdened by Republican Thugs aiming their hostility and hatred at them. Even Chelsea Clinton was the butt of a cruel joke from John McCain. During the Clinton admin. I heard Jeff Greenfield tell Imus that he would not come on his radio show if he made any more snide remarks about Chelsea.
    Why should the innocent families be abused? When the media started talking about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, Obama told his campaign staff that he didn’t want to hear any negative comments about her. He added that his mother was a teenager when pregnant with him. I shudder to think what this blog would say if Obama’s daughter got pregnant.
    Perhaps the Rabid Republican has no important issues on which he has a thoughtful opinion. Why should he, when it’s so much easier to trash talk!
    If you have some issues to discuss, why not start there and leave the families put of it?
    ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

    Help yourself Jade – explore some of our 1000+ previous postings. Enjoy!

    And as for ‘Obama’s daughter becomming pregnant’ – – do you recall what HE said about it? It was disgusting!

  19. Daniel M

    To take offense to Michelle Obama taking a trip to Target, you really have to be looking hard for something to be upset about.

    I bet she drove to that Target instead of walking. So much for her healthy-living agenda. And all the gas she guzzled to get to that Target? So much for the liberal and her tree-hugging environmentalism. And look at the clothes she’s wearing! She’s dressed so casually. Doesn’t she know she’s representing the country? Don’t you miss having a real First Lady who, um, didn’t go shopping, or, um, socialist job-killing class warfare something or other.

  20. Nice Ness

    Attacking someone for going to Target. Seriously?

  21. Karen G

    Seriously, if you’re put falsely on a pedestal, it comes with the potential for scrutiny. Some of us here do not accept the hypocrisy of buying $42,000 bracelets (more than most people earn in a year) one day, and then pulling a “publiciity stunt” (conveniently photographed by the AP) at Target a few days later to try and make it OK. Try to process this — it’s not the trip to Target per se, but the bigger issue of selfish entitlement that these actions represent, that is the issue. It is, unfortunately, undeniable.

  22. Bliss

    Our next Republican congress should defund Secret Service operations more than a block from the White House until we have a budget surplus. The First Lady, whoever it will be, will find out what the outside world is like on Fox News.

  23. Asehpe

    Considering how much politics is based on photo-ops, appearance, etc., are you surprised at this? Really? Do you think there has ever been a politician in the White House who didn’t think like that? (Things may be worse today on account of media omnipresence plus the 24h newscycle; but frankly, there’s nothing new under the sun here. By your criteria, there has never been a good “First Lady”, since First Ladies have always tried to project some image or other to help their husbands, regardless of whether or not said image had anything to do with them as individuals.)

  24. Obama Lover

    What did she buy?