Was John Fresolo A Bad Piggy?

Posted March 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

FresoloMass State Rep John Fresolo seems to be the target of an Ethics Investigation’ ordered by House Speaker Bob DeLeo.

OK, when you get done laughing at THAT oxymoron, – what could possibly be so bad, or so flagrant – that even a crook like DeLeo is forced to take action?  Divorced father of two teenage daughters, – this is going to hurt innocent kids no matter what happens to daddy.

Daddy has lied in the past about being a college graduate….  What now John?

UPDATE: Wed 22 May 2013  Bad Piggy resigns!

UPDATE:   Sunday, 28 August 2016    Like the smell of a dead skunk,  Fresolo keeps coming back. In July 2014 his daughter Francesca baited a kid into being held up at gunpoint by her boyfriend gang member Deondre Matthews.

Francesca Fresolo Deondre Matthews

Now John wants to be a legislator again – in trying to get folks to write in his name on the September primary ballot.   God Help Worcester!

2 Responses to “Was John Fresolo A Bad Piggy?”

  1. Revolver

    oink. bad piggy.

  2. Casey Chapman

    If being a college graduate is the biggest lie he has told………