Warren Traps Diehl In A Fake Debate

Posted October 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

TRUTH:   It was an orchestrated event so foul,  so obnoxious,  and so fixed that I kept clicking away.  Geoff was a sucker for agreeing to the format,  and Warren essentially used her time to attack Trump,  “the Rich”,  – and guns.

We watched an honorable gentleman who came unprepared into an arena to be used as 2020 target practice.  Warren all but ignored Diehl while aided by Progressive Panderer Jon Keller – simply using him as a whipping boy to attack Trump.

PLEASE don’t anybody tell Geoff he did a good job last night.  

It was a sad mismatch which preparation and rehearsal could have prevented.

Lord knows what made Geoff think the setting,  the format,  – or anybody at WBZ had any intention of conducting a fair or even-handed debate.  Almost everybody in the Boston-area broadcast and print media is pulling for the Squaw,  – and doing their best to minimize or ignore Diehl.

They WANT the next president to be a WOMAN,  – preferably Hillary,  the Squaw,  or Kamala Harris,…and to see Trump knocked off.  Their hatred is seething and visible.  Trump is vilified at every turn.

For her part,  Warren was using the night and using Diehl as practice for 2020.

In her economic vision,  – the ONLY way to achieve the “American Dream” is to strip the rich, – publicly flog and humiliate them,  – and then eat them.  To her Trump as a person and as an idea epitomizes all that is wrong with free enterprise capitalism and our American way of life.

As our Senator – she is a daily embarrassment.   As President – she would be far more dangerous and destructive than Obama ever thought of being.

Fortunately for the Nation, – outside of MassHole – she is considered a JOKE.

Unfortunately for those of us who live here,  – it’s almost like not having a Senator – since she won’t work with Trump,  and her every daily effort involves seeking out TV cameras to stay in the public eye.

Geoff landed a few good points last night – but without a more stinging delivery – they were lost.

Acting like a well-raised gentleman simply leaves him open to her bitter angry class-warfare shrew-like attacks.

Democrats will consider any questions about her “Cherokee roots” or her understanding of our Constitution as “A SEXIST ATTACK”

The Squaw made it clear – she’s ready to impeach Trump (doesn’t need to hear any evidence),  – wants the US to sever relations with Saudi Arabia at once,  –  will raise taxes,  – and will vote to outlaw private gun ownership,…if given a chance.

If Massachusetts can’t retire this evil Communist shrew on November 6th,  – we’re likely stuck with her until she dies of old age….

Here’s the video – you may need to watch it in little bits;  – and keep your barf bag handy!

Hypocrisy much?  How about the Professor getting paid $350,000/year to teach ONE (1) class – – nagging Geoff to post his family income taxes on the web…?

9 Responses to “Warren Traps Diehl In A Fake Debate”

  1. jim morose

    Hi All,

    I had the comments & input (buzz-words) from last nights debate…. hope fully Sen. Geoff can use some of this in the rematch…. watch an old Trump debate and repeat the same buzz words over & over until they STICK… & they will you need to fluster her and get her off her game… This isn’t the SWAMP…. REAL PEOPLE need REAL leaders not partisan rhetoric & accusations….

    If you think this is helpful….Can someone get this info to Geoff?

    1- Liz Warren is the queen of DC-swamp double speak…. she is on her high morale horse when she votes no on a good bill, but rails against Geoff & republicans for doing the same thinghe bathroom bill scam…

    1A…. Just another law of unintended consequences and toxic liberal divisive partisanship. .

    2- Warren failed her Indian DNA test… but has the toxic polarizing partisan gene.

    3- Never mention Warren by name in the 1-minute rebuttals… & when she runs with the party line just butt in & say who am I debating you or… Schumer, Pelosi, Watters, and Fienstien

    4- Every time she mentions TRUMP you tie her to OBAMAs failed domestic or foreign policy….

    5- She is against the TRUMP wall but has built a partisan wall built with Schumer, Pelosi, Watters, and Fienstien that declares collateral damage is acceptable.

    6- Every time she mentions TRUMP you tie her to OBAMAs failed domestic or foreign policy…. same as #4… TRUMP was elected to do that. But can’t get past the social OBSTRUCTIONISTS LIKE YOU….

    7- She leads with the distorted socialist party line distorted party line then you and every one against it is a hater, racist & evil… You’ve have to call out the false premise 1st, and then tie it to the swamp… and the new haters of Kanye West…

    8- the swamp of which Warren is part of hasn’t fixed the immigration or any issue for decades. they run on the same old rhetoric as Sen warren has displayed beautifully in these debates… all talk no results…. Obamas line in the sand?? Obama & No. Korea… its TRUMP with the winning record

    9- Warren and her toxic partisans have failed to accept the 2016 election results. And they have created a mob to continue the denial into 2019 & beyond…. OBSTRUCT, DENY, GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

    10- fyi…. Act for America is group of Muslims/middle east victims of radical Islam….. & the southern poverty law center is a toxic liberal socialist partisan hate group….

    11- I could go on, but will it really matter?, Mass is full of Manchurian votes created by fake-news, fake-politicians, & fake-indians….. who believe the socialist drivel and the partisan divisive model exemplified by Sen. Warren & the swamp dwellers….

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Morose

  2. Catherine

    What warren needs to be pounded and pounded and pounded with is “Why do YOU HATE?” – she HATES the poor (failed dem policies hurt them), minorities (ditto, plus she freely “faked it” for personal advancement ahead of *real* minority person), America…

    Just go through HER (dem) talking points – they are all based on HATRED. Not even divisiveness, but actual hatred. Underlying it all is a true hatred of humanity. Expose HER hate.

  3. TrumpLoyalist FrankLicata

    For over two years I tried to warn you all about the RepubliCrat collusion scam that involves NeverTrumper Baker’s puppet Diehl the FakeTrumper taking the dirty job of being Warren’s punching-bag and losing to her on purpose. The facts you have ignored are well-documented at http://www.RepGeoffDiehl.com


    By now it’s no longer a matter of you being ‘right’ Frank. WHO will YOU vote for – for Governor and for Senator?

    Your buddy Shiva has a criminal record AND gave $2,000.oo to John Kerry. You shouldn’t even TALK to him!

  4. jim morose

    Yes, it is like the Kennedy/Romney race, … deja vu all over again. Silly me…

  5. Ben

    He has to get Reaganesque and tell her to shut up when he talks when it is his turn. Just because she female does mean he has to take her cheap crap. Get like Trump and get all over her. Getting tired of listening how unfair men are. She should be treated for what she is, a liar and a cheat.

  6. Mt Woman

    Complete mismatch. Warren filibustered her way through the debate and Geoff tried to be a gentleman which got him nowhere. It is difficult for a man to debate a woman under the best of circumstances. If he came across more aggressive she was prepared and skilled to pull the bullying and badgering card. Geoff will have to step up his debate skill, using strategy not facts to get an edge up.

  7. Panther 6

    Not much one can add to the foregoing; Ms Wanna Be squaw ain’t one and if the voters in MA had have a brain themselves they would vote her out. Like most left wing demorats she is a disgrace.

  8. Leonard Mead

    So-called Republicans who haven’t figured out yet that they face democrat rattlesnakes almost deserve to get bitten and die.

    Democrats have nothing but hate and lust. Hate of YOUR freedom and your ability to run your own lives, and lust for power –so they can run YOUR lives and enrich themselves.

    Republicans better start getting tough in MA. The state is almost gone — but with a strong fight, the fake Indian can actually be thrown out of politics!


    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  9. Joshua Norman

    Frank had a point about the pro-LGBT, pro-Baker Controlled Opposition candidate Geoff Diehl.

    The GOP is like a Modern Day House of Bourbon in that it learns nothing, forgets nothing, wins nothing and advances nothing in the field of ideas.

    Because of that, all they have left is to hector, plead, beg, cajole and pressure people into voting for them because “But the Democrats are so much worse”.

    It would be nice to have someone to pro-actively vote for, instead of reacting to “But the Democrats are so much worse”.