Warren: Cherokee For Hypocrisy!

Posted October 29th, 2012 by Iron Mike

She’s been campaigning against big companies, big banks, Republicans in general, and Scott Brown in particular.

She says SHE wrote the law creating the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau‘to prevent fraud and abuse’. It’s been a year of unending LIES!

First she was part Cherokee, then Cherokee/Delaware mix. 

Then she was the ‘intellectual mother’ of Occupy Wall Street.  Then she was a $350K Harvard professor [who failed to take the Mass Bar Exam] – and complained that college tuition is too high…

A year ago we reported on the rich Wall Street Democratsincluding Soros – who were bankrolling her.

Now, in the final days of the campaign, Breitbart reports that at least half of her $35.2 Million campaign $$$ are from questionable sources.

With so much money in question, and so many overlapping lies, – she is the perfect Mass Democrat candidate!  Mass Dems like ’em tainted, smelly, and slippery

One Response to “Warren: Cherokee For Hypocrisy!”

  1. Tom

    It is interesting that the Mass Bar Association has not had any comment on the fact that Ms. Warren has no license to practice law in the state and no Board of Bar Overseers registration. But wait, most members of the Mass Bar are Democrats and the media, forget about it.